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      7.62x39 bolt action rifles

      Check out the Meopta Optika5 3-15x44. Well built European quality that will definitely impress you. A solid value for under $400.
    2. B

      Nikon BDC Rifle scope

      lol, I couldn't agree more! I remember those days when every penny went towards tuition, rent, car, girls and whatever was left I used for hunting. Those were tent camping day which thankfully is long behind me. As some of you know, I do freelance work with Nikon. I do not work for them, meaning...
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      Nikon BDC Rifle scope

      Pine, Correct, K isn't using a FFP scope though. Each tool has its use. I have been shooting BDC reticle scopes way before Spot On came about and dialing in the reticle to your shooting data bumped the accuracy up immensely. I have taken 2 deer at 599 yards and many other animals inside of that...
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      Nikon BDC Rifle scope

      I get it. I would just suggest zeroing your rifle on max magnification to get the greatest possible accuracy. Then after you zero, put magnification on 3-4 and blast away. At least you will have better accuracy doing it that way.
    5. B

      Nikon BDC Rifle scope

      That is what I print out, laminate and punch a hole in to carry with me into the field. I often times look for magnification's that are closer to 100-yard increment, an example is 8X above. If you wonder how accurate it is, Chrono your load, measure your scope height and you will be pleasantly...
    6. B

      Nikon BDC Rifle scope

      K-43, I'm not sure I follow your line of thinking above. Usually, if someone zero's at 100 yards on max magnification, then as they drop down in magnification the distance each BDC circle represents increases. What you describe above is just the opposite of what should happen unless I have made...
    7. B

      The Official 1-4X Scope Thread

      Questiono I do not know what is in the pipeline these days, Jim. Everything has been hush hush. I know the old MONARCH Gold 1.5-6x42 is still one of my favorite scopes. When I heard they were not going to be in production any longer I bought 4. Loaned one to a friend who never gave it back...
    8. B

      The Official 1-4X Scope Thread

      This is an easy answer for me. I have been using Nikon's BLACK FORCE1000 scope for 2 years now and just bought 2 more. 1 is going on a .375 H&H and the other on a .223 SBR. This illuminated scope lets you get on target and make a quick and accurate shot. My son and I have taken more swine with...
    9. B

      Nikon BDC Rifle scope

      I tell everyone, even those getting cal. specific scopes to dial in the round using Nikon's Spot On Ballistic Program. It lets you enter all of your shooting data and get the corresponding distances for each circle. You can even change the magnification and see how that changes the yardage. Easy...
    10. B

      Nikon m tact 4-16×42 bdc600

      Racer, That is a great price. Nikon's new for 2018 M-Tactical line has the same great MONARCH glass and now a 30mm tube along with some other great features. You can even get a MOA or MRAD reticle in a 3-12x42 configuration for under $400. I have a few of the older M-223 3-12 BDC 600 scopes and...
    11. B

      7.62x39 bolt action rifles

      Send me a PM when you are ready to dial in your rifle, scope, and ammo. I will be happy to help you out with Nikon's Spot On Ballistic Program. My first suggestion would be to get a chrono on your loads to see what the fps discrepancy is. I have found that the better the ammo the lower the...
    12. B

      7.62x39 bolt action rifles

      You are killing me, dread! I was hoping you aren't going to have that kind of accuracy. Now I want one which will probably end up a bolt gun and an AR, thanks! I have resisted for quite a while. Same way I did with the 6.5cm and now I have 5 and love them all equally, ok, the Bergara's a bit...
    13. B

      7.62x39 bolt action rifles

      I would take that accuracy off hand any day. Certainly good enough for hogs in Ok/Tx.
    14. B

      7.62x39 bolt action rifles

      Great pics, I have not had much success with the 7.62x39 having the accuracy I like to see out of a rifle. I hope yours is different. If you need help dialing in your scopes BDC reticle drop me a note and I'll be happy to help you out. I look forward to hearing about the accuracy as well, I...
    15. B

      Varying Opinions on Max Magnification for 22 LR Scope

      It all depends on how far you are going to shoot and what your budget is. As a recreational shooter I like Nikon's PROSTAFF 3-9 Target EFR scope. It works great at the range or in the field. That being said my son has a PROSTAFF 5 3.5-14 BDC reticle on his 10/22 and he routinely drops squirrel's...
    16. B

      Ruger Precision Rimfire

      Good luck Good luck finding one. I have checked distributor's and friend's, zero! One buddy has one and the new 9mm carbine, loves em both but won't part with the 22. Just makes me more anxious to get one. I will most likel;y top mine with a Nikon PROSTAFF 4-12. I love being able to use the 25...
    17. B

      Comment only with Agree or Disagree

      I use M9A3 and a G19. I like both.
    18. B

      Are you still buying from Dick's if so

      I give spend no more $ at Dick's.
    19. B

      Optics options for .300 blackout

      Lot's of great scope's out there for your .300 BO rifle. I am not sure how it happened but I now have 5 or is it 6 .300 BO rifle's. The latest is a Ruger American and I can tell you it is a 1.5 MOA rifle with a suppressor on it shooting Gemtec 187 gr subsonic ammo. I recently shot a coyote at 70...
    20. B

      Recommendations for 300 blk optic

      dread, Agree with you 100%. I started my night hunting about 6-7 yearsd ago with a ATN scope that fits in front of my regular scope. Worked great especially with an illuminated reticle on my Nikon scope. I then went huntign with a buddy who had a thermal and it was all over! Now I am hooked on...
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