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      When I took the class there, I brought food and drink with me. Mo gave plenty of breaks, but wanted you back on time to complete the hours.I don't know if food is available close. They are in an Industrial area. They do have some vending machines. I ate it the classroom with the Instructor. Most...
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      Man Up Monday 22 Jan 2024

      You might want to check with Mission BBQ. It has been reported to be closing permanently January 20, 2024. If true, sad to see it go.
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      .22LR semi-auto which brand ?

      I have had good luck with standard Taurus TX-22. The are relatively inexpensive. They feel good in the hand. They are available with or without manual safety and with or without a threaded barrel. No malfunctions as of yet. Good Luck !!!
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      Blackwall Barn and Lodge

      Been to Gambrills. Very Good. Very crowded. Get Reservations. As welder516 said, check out the Daily Specials.
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      S&W 642 Airwieght

      I tried the Wilson Combat J Frame Spring Kit. I experienced about 40 % light strikes. I tried the Apex Kit with a longer firing pin. Lighter and much smoother trigger pull. 100% reliable.If you watch the videos, relatively easy install. Good Luck.
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      PA Non Resident Permit and Change of Address

      When I got my Non-Resident PA CCW, the Deputy made a point that when I renewed my home state CCW I had to fax them a copy. Deputy said if I did not fax them a copy, PA would revoke my PA CCW and I could not get it back.
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      Wanted: Cheap .22 handgun for a kid

      Bass Pro has a dual cylinder .22 LR/.22Mag Heritage on Father's Day Sale now for $139.00. Several reviewers like Heritage over the Ruger Wrangler, except for the weird Safety on the Heritage.
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      Charter Arms Bulldog .44

      Spell Check is killing me. Huntingtown, MD
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      Charter Arms Bulldog .44

      Huntington, MD
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      Charter Arms Bulldog .44

      S and S Guns in Huntington, MD has a Stainless shrouded hammer Bulldog listed on their website for $ 439.99.
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      Proposed change in QA County- shooting ranges

      It was a damn shame !! National Capital Gun Club was a Great Club in the 1970's.
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      ? On bar/restaurant off 202 Landover

      Randy's California Inn was on Route 1 at Whiskey Bottom Road. A nice Club in its day. Anyone remember the House Band at Crossroads in Bladensburg, The Baxter Brothers and Country One ?
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      ? On bar/restaurant off 202 Landover

      Aren't we all.
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      ? On bar/restaurant off 202 Landover

      Jimmy's Crab House
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      Andy Harris stopped by House metal detector

      "In The Line Of Fire" 1993 with Clint Eastwood
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