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    1. BurtonRW

      New Member Annapolis Area

      Welcome, from your neighbor in Severna Park. -Rob
    2. BurtonRW

      AA County Plastic Bag Ban in 2024

      Happy to, but if I’m not going to “register” with FoxNews, neither are the halfwits who voted for this. Care to cut & paste the article for us? -Rob
    3. BurtonRW

      Looking for an estate lawyer Pasadena area

      What he said. They’re good people. -Rob
    4. BurtonRW

      Hiking Old Rag will now require a ticket

      I like turtles? -Rob
    5. BurtonRW

      Hiking Old Rag will now require a ticket

      Yes. But this isn’t that. It’s like an entrance reservation. You still need to pay the entrance fee or have a pass (interagency or otherwise). I do think it’s BS that they’re charging for the reservation. The other NPS facilities I’m aware of with reservation systems in place don’t charge...
    6. BurtonRW

      Hiking Old Rag will now require a ticket

      They already made Billy Goat A “one-way”. Sure it’s only recommended (but strongly encouraged), but at the same time, I’ve seen lines at the wall looking like the folks that get stuck in the line to summit Everest each year. We were just out in Utah in October, where you need reservations to...
    7. BurtonRW

      Plunger spring on series 80 1911has sprung loose…

      You’re supposed to disassemble these things in a plastic bag if at all possible. Otherwise, I’ve had success in finding small springs (when I didn’t follow my own advice) by stretching a pair of pantyhose over the end of a vacuum cleaner and searching about where I thought it might have landed...
    8. BurtonRW

      AA County Plastic Bag Ban in 2024

      To address your points about the bags becoming pollutants… I use the bags for multiple purposes. They’re the most convenient solution for waste paper/bathroom trash bins, car trash bags, dirty shoe bags, and a host of other quick “grab-and-go” uses that pop up randomly from time to time. We...
    9. BurtonRW

      AA County Plastic Bag Ban in 2024

      Similar questions include “Why does anyone need an AR-15 to hunt deer?”, “Why does anyone need to have more than 10 rounds in a magazine?”, or “Why does anyone need more than 2 guns?” Are you a Fudd? -Rob
    10. BurtonRW

      AA County Plastic Bag Ban in 2024

      I’ve been grocery shopping three or four times now, taking along a bunch of my single-use Amazon t-shirt bags. They only cost about $0.03/ea. by the case and it’s only slightly inconvenient not having them on the bag stand to fill, but it doesn’t take much to get used to. -Rob
    11. BurtonRW

      Awareness/Mindset/Q&A get together with Bob "Ninja" Porras. Delta/CIA guy. Thursday April 18,2024

      Sorry! Haven’t been watching the thread, but I probably can’t, so please let someone have my slot. -Rob
    12. BurtonRW

      CCW at Longwood Gardens in PA

      Weekdays are always less crowded than weekends or holidays, of course. And if the weather is cold, 90% of visitors are just there for the conservatory, so you can usually bundle up and have the outdoor gardens and paths pretty much to yourself. That’s pretty much the way we do it to avoid the...
    13. BurtonRW

      AA County Plastic Bag Ban in 2024

      I’m getting mine from ULINE. Slightly better quality (but still of the “single use” variety), they come in pretty colors, and at $55/case, are still much cheaper than the 0.10/bag being charged for the ******** single-ply, can’t carry easily paper ones...
    14. BurtonRW

      So I Shot an Sig P226 Elite….. And?

      I shoot my P228 (same dimensions as the P229, superior slide and balance, IMO) better than anything else I own, so it’s my primary carry gun. I have no problem concealing it OWB at 3:30-4:00 or in a shoulder rig, depending on wardrobe. -Rob
    15. BurtonRW

      Licensing help

      You still have to do a “field day” in Maryland and get the MD card. You just get to skip the classroom bit here. -Rob
    16. BurtonRW

      Anyone hold the barrel of a semiautomatic pistol while it's shot?

      I thought that’s when you try to jam the webbing between your thumb and hand between the hammer and the frame. I actually remember MacGyver (the real, original one) doing it with a wooden ruler in one episode. -Rob
    17. BurtonRW

      Awareness/Mindset/Q&A get together with Bob "Ninja" Porras. Delta/CIA guy. Thursday April 18,2024

      I’m within walking distance of the Taphouse now, so I have little excuse not to show if it happens. -Rob
    18. BurtonRW

      American Health & Safety Institute ?

      FWIW, Mrs.BurtonRW, RN, hasn’t had a job in her entire career (hospitals, outpatient clinical, ambulatory surgical) that would take BLS, ACLS, or PALS from anyone other than AHA. I think it’s a bit of a racket, but I guess it’s easier for employers to not have to vet the alternatives. -Rob
    19. BurtonRW

      CCW at Longwood Gardens in PA

      Been a member for many years. Have carried everything from a 1911 to a subcompact 9mm there (concealed, of course) without difficulty. They most definitely have no metal detectors or significant security of any kind. Enjoy. -Rob
    20. BurtonRW

      No ARs in Maryland?

      Welcome to EBRs and happy shooting! IMHO, if you don’t know the major names in anti-2A activism (Brady, Giffords, Hogg, Center to Prevent Gun Violence, Moms Demand Action, etc.), you need to get more involved. That’s not a personal attack, but the shooting community suffers from a serious...
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