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    1. K

      Arisaka Identification

      Very nice looking Type 99, Type 30 bayonet and frog look to be good shape as well. The rifle is on the earlier side of T99 production given it has the anti-aircraft wings on the rear sight and the rear barrel band provision for a monopod. Sword is a wartime NCO piece (cast metal handle is the...
    2. K

      No markings? No problem! German occupation Vz.24

      Outstanding!! Stunning condition as well..I absolutely love the high polish blue with the straw trigger on the early war CZs, such a beautiful look. Without a doubt a keeper as these really don’t pop up often. As you said Legacy and Pre98 each had one fairly recently but other than that you...
    3. K

      Lets hear some stories. What got you into C&R?

      Finding a big pile of dusty and neglected antique/C&R guns in my grandparents basement when I was about 12. My grandfather pulled them all out to show them to me and there was just something about the history and the smell/feel of old metal and wood that got me hooked. Purchased my first C&R...
    4. K

      CMP Just Allowed a Second 1911

      I got one in Round 2 and I’ll likely be getting another. Yes, they’re mostly all refinished mix-masters but I appreciate the service history along with the fact that they are actually being offered for sale as opposed to destruction. Add to that anything CMP typically can resale for more than...
    5. K

      LGS with C&Rs along I-68?

      Thanks! I’ll plan on making a stop.
    6. K

      LGS with C&Rs along I-68?

      Small world indeed! I’ll be just up the road from you, my family has a cabin on Skyline Dr at the top of the mountain down by Laurel Caverns. I make the pilgrimage once a year when the whole extended family gets together.
    7. K

      LGS with C&Rs along I-68?

      Heading to a family reunion near Uniontown, PA this weekend from NOVA, heading up 70 then west on 68 for a long ways. Have a little time to kill on the drive up… Anyone have any recommendations for shops along I-68 between Frederick and Keysers Ridge that tend to have a decent used/C&R...
    8. K

      Luftwaffe Dagger

      Looks authentic to me from what I see. Maker’s mark looks good. Looks to have some age but very well cared for.
    9. K

      Luftwaffe Dagger

      Looks to be in really nice shape. If the blade hasn’t been messed with and there aren’t any cracks or chips in the grip it’s a solid $700-900 dagger in my opinion
    10. K

      Steyr Hahn M1912 German Police issue

      Really nice and clean example! For as many of these that were supposedly converted they don’t seem to come up quite as often as I’d expect.
    11. K

      Luftwaffe Dagger

      Please post some pics if you find them and have time, I have a few WWII daggers and love seeing them. Two duffel bags full is likely some serious money there especially if any are desirable pieces like SS daggers.
    12. K

      Turkish FN M1922 rig in 9mm Kurz

      Saw a thread on Lugerforums where there was a discussion about one of these up on Gunbroker, a newer member posted “I’ve got one of these I would sell”. I reached out and had a nice conversation with the gentleman, turns out his neighbor inherited it from her father who brought it back from the...
    13. K

      Turkish FN M1922 rig in 9mm Kurz

      I’m a few years late to the party but can finally be part of the Turkish contract club. Wasn’t actively looking but jumped at the opportunity when it presented itself!
    14. K

      Astra 3001 Factory "Cutaway"

      Super cool find, I’ve always been fascinated by the cutaway examples. Have you shot it yet? :)
    15. K

      The bottom of my FN 1922 rabbit hole: German Occupation Commercial Variant

      Now there’s a great mawkie score! Heck of a price on that, you stole it for sure. Pretty tough to find indeed and it’s interesting they were producing commercial examples in any number at that point of the war. Terrific find!! I stumbled across one of the other late war commercial variations...
    16. K

      Updated US WWII collection - added a couple more

      Awesome collection, great work!! Maybe an FP-45 “Liberator” too
    17. K

      CMP 1911's

      After watching the CMP threads it seems there’s a fairly equal chance of getting the same maker slide/frame between grades. I got a service in round 2 and it’s Rem Rand slide/frame with a replacement barrel. You’re right though should be a nice gun no matter what!
    18. K

      Vienna Arsenal and C&R Firearms sudden closing

      Shame to loose Vienna Arsenal. I live about two miles away and had no idea. Found some amazing deals in their giant used mag bins over the last few years.
    19. K

      Nations Gun Show (Chantilly, VA); Sept 30, Oct 1 & 2, 2022

      Yep, pretty common to see people trying to sell that way there
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