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    1. TheEvilZX2

      ATF seeking to ban the private sale of firearms (?)

      If no law then its not illegal. If a law then null and void ie. Marbury vs Madison. If there is no law passed and they just say "we ban this" how could it possibly be enforced? ATF plants agents as "plain clothes citizen" to catch private sale then shoots his dog?
    2. TheEvilZX2

      Gov Wes Moore wants to change Maryland Gun Laws- “good and substantial reason”

      ...moore... Posted with my Muth*rfkn TapaTalk!
    3. TheEvilZX2

      CCSO fingerprinting

      Acquire LiveScan fingerprinting for a Wear and Carry Permit (AKA Handgun Permit) Application - Prints for other purposes (i.e., HQL) are not accepted Fingerprints are valid for one year after they're taken From MSP's Fingerprinting Page: Wear and Carry: Below is the information that you should...
    4. TheEvilZX2

      NYC Bodega owners form "Secret Gun Society" for self-defense... announce it publicly apparently
    5. TheEvilZX2

      The new guy lol

      Welcome from Charles County! Posted with my Muth*rfkn TapaTalk!
    6. TheEvilZX2

      Hi everyone!

      Hey babe
    7. TheEvilZX2

      Hey All

    8. TheEvilZX2

      New from Jefferson

      Welcome from Charles County Posted with my Muth*rfkn TapaTalk!
    9. TheEvilZX2

      Ammo Question needed answered.....

      I just got the tracking info for my order, took 4 days since ordering and showing delivery scheduled for Thursday. Not too bad in my book Posted with my Muth*rfkn TapaTalk!
    10. TheEvilZX2

      Ammo Question needed answered.....

      For the price, as long as it gets to me I'll be happy Posted with my Muth*rfkn TapaTalk!
    11. TheEvilZX2

      Garden Thread 2023

      Not this year but I have fermented ghost peppers, cilantro, onion and garlic in past years for a hot sauce. Everything fermented for a couple months then blended up and tweaked ingredients to taste, fresh cilantro and lime juice mostly from there. Was one of my favorites so far. Have a few...
    12. TheEvilZX2

      Duracell AA damage-to-optic “warranty” ?

      Had some Energizer AA batteries in an Eotech 512 do a little corroding, not nearly as bad as yours. I popped mine out and cleaned the contacts up really good and slapped some new batteries in there and I was good to go. I've got irons on any rifles with any optic just in case something happens...
    13. TheEvilZX2

      Hello Friends

      Welcome from Charles County
    14. TheEvilZX2


      Lmao [emoji1787]. I second this Posted with my Muth*rfkn TapaTalk!
    15. TheEvilZX2

      Guided Range Workshop

      Dang, the 16th is no good for me this month. I'll be keeping an eye open for future workshops though! Sent from my Pixel 6 using Tapatalk
    16. TheEvilZX2

      Guided Range Workshop

      Definitely interested Sent from my Pixel 6 using Tapatalk
    17. TheEvilZX2

      Lurker goes live

      D. E. Gettle Hobby LLC
    18. TheEvilZX2

      Lurker goes live

      Welcome to the site as a member! I've got a buddy with a Hobby Shop in Shrewsbury and was just up there about a month ago
    19. TheEvilZX2

      Looney’s Pub, College Park

      Just figured out with Google maps you can check the historical street view pics. The Jerry's was just a bit north of Looney's, about where you drive into the parking lot roughly now. Now I see there was another bldg north of Jerry's and a tire shop I forgot about between Jerry's and the liquor...
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