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    1. Matlack

      Clean slate laws

      These are the only two correct answers on this topic. End/
    2. Matlack

      Can anyone take my guns to a FFL and sell them

      I think the OP has ghosts in his car stuck in the snow in culdesac.
    3. Matlack

      California "High Capacity" Magazine Ban Overturned

      All they have to do is wait out a Clarence Thomas and look for a Dem president to appoint a leftist ideolog.
    4. Matlack

      Let's see what the brain trust here thinks this might be

      Hole punch for some metal or something?
    5. Matlack

      Arundel Mills Mall new Security K9

      I went into Marley Station a handful of years ago and was amazed at how bad it was, at least an entire wing completely empty of stores. Some of the stores were just empty with the gate 1/2 up. Sparsely populated everywhere else.
    6. Matlack

      Chinatown and Shaw community members decry surging crime

      I know, hence my statement.
    7. Matlack

      Chinatown and Shaw community members decry surging crime

      If the government denied public forum for other parties in the same vain, then yes your fl1st amendment rights have been taken away.
    8. Matlack

      Does Westminster mayor have authority to confiscate guns in an emergency?

      After Katrina hit New Orleans, the government did this exact thing. NRA and SAF filed a lawsuit and eventually settled. During the lawsuit the Disaster Recovery Personal Property act was passed. It prohibits firearm confiscation during an emergency. So no, Westminster does not have the authority...
    9. Matlack

      Ohio Highway Patrol 870s

      I'm so glad I jumped on those. Such great shottys.
    10. Matlack

      Mayor Brandon Scott

      Want another, her maiden name is Crump... Now where have I heard that name before?
    11. Matlack

      MoCo Bans Parents From Board Meeting on Policy Restricting Parental Rights

      This is a direct violation of the open meetings act.
    12. Matlack

      This is what they (Liberals) want!

      Your goal posts sir. You said only 100k people in entirety owned firearms and did not distinguish, then changed it to "licit" and "illicit".
    13. Matlack

      Florida travel carry question

      The important points on their site is that they inspect bags and use metal detectors. Also every amusement park I've been to says no weapons of any sort including knives. So you would be smart to assume no weapons
    14. Matlack

      Florida travel carry question

      I'm guessing you don't plan to get in the water?
    15. Matlack

      Not Training. Not Safety. Just Some Wacko.

      Reminds me of robocop.
    16. Matlack

      Constant required login

      The last few weeks I keep getting a login request. Every time I leave the page and come back it asks me to login and then says I am already logged in. On my PC using chrome it won't let me log on at all. It just keeps going back to the login page and I am not logged in if I go to the home page.
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