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    1. H

      DIY Nuclear Reactor

      A nuclear reactor is really just a fancy way of creating steam to spin a turbine for electrical generation right? Better ways to heat up water for your Steam Turbine that scale down for the homestead vs a nuclear reactor. Some companies are working on reactors that fit in a shipping container...
    2. H

      ARRL Field Day 2021 6/26-27

      Are you guys pulling out your radio gear for the ARRL's big "emergency" drill?
    3. H

      possible good deal on batteries for off grid looks like you could get a good deal on these for maybe an off grid cabin or something?
    4. H

      Amateur Radio FAQ

      would it be worthwhile to create a social group on MDshooters for Amateur Radio? The FAQ has the following, but I don't see a create group button on the Social groups page personally. Can I create my own social group? As a registered member, you can create your own social group (providing the...
    5. H

      Amateur Radio FAQ

      What does it take to get one set up? I was reading that initially you could build them with 2.4ghz wireless equipment but they moved to higher speed commercial equipment and the costs to build a node went way up?
    6. H

      Amateur Radio FAQ

      Found an ad for an IC-725 for $250 on craigslist. I currently have my Tech license, anyone have any experience with this radio? Would it be a good first step into the world of HF from my UHF/VHF HTs?
    7. H

      New ideas for newer shooter

      Cresap in Frederick is open to the public on Sundays, $8 per shooter + $1 per target. We have a pistol range and a rifle range. Also consider the York IWLA fun shoot, a monthly steel target shoot that is very low key, focused on safety, no scoring or timer, just fun.
    8. H


      Is sending an email in today an option? Sent from my Nexus 6 using Tapatalk
    9. H

      Free corian countertop

      I can swing by Hanover on my way home from work this evening or first thing tomorrow morning.
    10. H

      Sat Aug 4 handgun or pcc match at Peacemaker

      Sent you a PM with a bunch of questions. Sorry so far my only "match" has been the York fun shoot, so I am not used to pre-regging and all that stuff.
    11. H

      Free Lead Karma

      I'm in at 84
    12. H

      Feedback posted by hollyb1 on Docster

      7.62 x51/308 ammo sale Great transaction. Good communication, quickly made arrangements convenient to both of us, friendly, no muss no fuss. Wish every transaction was this easy.
    13. H

      Reloading Tip:

      I love my Harvey Hand Depriming tool or removing crimped primers, well really all primers. I can deprime while watching tv/Netflix and make things go smoother on the press.
    14. H

      2017 Frederick IWLA IDPA Schedule & General Information

      The New Shooters class is scheduled for two weekends from now, are there any more details on it? How do we sign up?
    15. H

      2017 Frederick IWLA IDPA Schedule & General Information

      Will registration for the March New Shooter class be through Practiscore?
    16. H

      thurmont, 11-5-16 IDPA match

      Is the December match on Sunday 12/4 per the Thurmont online calendar or will it be on Saturday 12/3? Drove out Sunday from Baltimore to observe the match, ended up watching the SASS match since my dad and I were there on the wrong day. I don't know how I missed that the date on this thread...
    17. H

      Depriming staked rifle brass

      Harvey depriming tool? Are staked primers tougher to remove than swagged/crimped military primers, the tool has no issue with those at all.
    18. H

      Brass trade thread.

      Picked up that lot of reloading equipment that was in the classifieds last week. Sorting through the brass there were 30 .35 Remington cases 11 22-250 cases I am looking to trade for 8mm brass or dies.
    19. H

      Another Westminster street blocked off

      No worries everyone, I am sure they will be able to find the man using Maryland's voluntary registration form that we all fill out before waiting through the 7 day waiting period. Worst case no doubt they can fire a round and then match it using the fired case database right.
    20. H

      .224 Copper Bullets $70/1200 delivered

      Order placed. Cheaper then a box of 500 off the shelf at cabelas.
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