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      Rat Control

      Rat Patrol is on every Sat night on the H&I channel.
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      WUSA9 - Hogan promotes gun reform bills

      Another aspect of Exile was that, being a fed conviction they could be exiled to a fed prison well away from their home.
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      Air travel with parts

      I was in CA and picked up a few magazines for my shield at a great price and brought them home without issue. Granted, they were under 10 rounds and my destination was SC but there was no TSA issue.
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      Question Regarding Handgun Ownership

      From my read of the OPs posts, it looks like he may have wanted to buy something online and have it sent to a PA ffl for pickup. I base this on the comment of, would a PA ffl accepts the mags for him. The only way I see this happening legally without losing the mags would be to send it to SC ffl...
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      Carry permits and state of residence

      I have lost the link, but there is / was a document from the ATF website that stated, if you had multiple bonafied residences, not just property, you could be considered a resident of whichever state you were residing in at that time. I was looking because I wanted to buy something in the other...
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      ? on UMMC Emergency Room

      Mercy hospital has had K9 officers for at least 10 years, probably longer. It’s amazing how quickly belligerent people can calm down when the dogs show up in the ER...
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      Help me understand legality of custom AR pistol?

      This thread reminds me of something I heard from an ATF official a couple years ago. They were discussing some new law Obama wanted that created additional confusing paperwork that could cause problems if not filled out correctly. The offical contered with " We are obvioulsy not going to arrest...
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      Palmetto State Armory Any Good?

      I tried to pickup one of their online deals but they lost that order when they wanted me to pay shipping to pick it up in their own store. Sorry, I know that doesn't provide any useful information for your situation but it really annoyed me.
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      Need sidwalk / porch repaired or replaced

      I am looking for someone who does residential concrete work in the Perry Hall area. I need to repair or replace the sidewalk and slab porch in front of the house. My main concerns are the porch slab which is about 6'x5' and about 24" thick. It seems structurally sound but has settled and I can...
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      The reason why a Right should not be voted on

      32% would be inclined to vote for both... Don't know what's most appropriate :mad54: :sad20: or :lol2:
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      Indirect result of disarmament in England

      This is not the first I have heard about this. I recall this story from a couple years ago but it was not pursued since the suspects were Pakistani and there were concerns about racial "insensitivity" implications....
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      Unlike MD, Delaware reduces restrictions

      Saw a real pair of idiots the other week in NC on the way home from Myrtle. They were riding a scooter at about 30 mph on US74 like they didn't have a care in the world. This is a 4 lane divided highway with speed limits between 60-70 with an average speed of 75-80 and eventually becomes I74.
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      SC Governor Nikky Haley Will Sign Gun Control Reform Bill

      I already own a house down there and I am working out the details and am planning to be become a full time SC resident by August. My wife may be moving there next month when she no longer has a job so she can buy anything I may want to borrow... FYI I looked into it and you can continue...
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      Batts offers crucial new insight into Bodymore's homicide wave

      I think Batts is being a bit misleading about pot and violence. I have no access to any real statistics but, as someone who grew up in the city and has worked downtown and travelled through east Baltimore hoods every day for over 30 years, I see the violence in the city as more attributable to...
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      SC restaurant carry almost law.

      I really hope this passes as I will be able to carry more frequently. I am limited now since almost every restaurant serves at least beer and we almost always stop somewhere to eat when we are out. So if I am carrying I need to leave it in the car, which I don't like doing, when we eat. They...
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      DO NOT go to Just Guns in Parkville

      Unfortunately, Jim passed away last month.
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      DO NOT go to Just Guns in Parkville

      Just to be fair, Just Guns didn't lose their FFL, the previous owner of lost their license and the current owner opened a store in the same location and may have bought out the inventory. I have never bought anything there or even been in the shop but my wife is a friend of the current...
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      Already Registering Guns

      Any information you give to the gov, be it state or fed, is retained by them somewhere. Wheather or not they have any meaningful way to use the data or if "any" is technically accurate I beleive the spirt of the statement to be accurate. Hence, they get the information I am legally required to...
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      newly registered Democrat

      I have been registered as unaffiliated for a long time as I really feel neither party reflects my views. I have been thinking about and finally also recently registered as d (lower case intentional) for the reasons mentioed by the OP.
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      How Do We Legally Store Our Rifles Out Of State If Banned In Maryland?

      Actually, according to federal law, you can have multiple residences and purchase while residing in another state. From: (B12) May a person (who is not an alien) who resides in one State and owns property in another State...
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