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    1. mrbig381

      "Gun Box" store in Waysons corner?

      Used to be C & EJ's, they would do pawns too....
    2. mrbig381

      30 carbine brass

      Brass is sold, thanks for all the interest...
    3. mrbig381

      30 carbine brass

      Deal pending with Honukane, I"ll post if it fall through...
    4. mrbig381

      30 carbine brass

      Good afternoon, anyone have any interest in Remington UMC 30 carbine spent brass. Was told it is once fired. There is 485 rounds. Of this 35 rounds are primed and 50 rounds I'm assuming are sized and deprimed. How's $50 I don't want to scrap it. Thanks
    5. mrbig381

      Filled the Italian hole in my WWII collection

      I was referring to the M38 short rifle with a folding knife bayonet that can be detached. They were produced in 6.5 and 7.35 calibers. The bayonets are kinda rare and expensive. 1891 carbines can also be had in 7.35 but you don't see many of them...
    6. mrbig381

      Garage Door installation

      Access garage doors in White plains did a nice job at Moms house.
    7. mrbig381

      Filled the Italian hole in my WWII collection

      With the detachable folding bayonet...
    8. mrbig381

      8mm Lebel balle n ammo

      150 rounds of 8mm Lebel I got with a bulk ammo purchase. I don't see me picking up a Berthier so they have to go. These have the black bullet sealant and not the red problematic ones. Had a friend try five, three fired on the first try while the last two took two tries. 1930's Ammo is clean...
    9. mrbig381

      FFL hit in St Mary's?

      Shotgun barrel and a black powder rifle stolen from The Tackle box. Perp was arrested and taken into custody.
    10. mrbig381

      R.I.P. DD214 - MDShooters Founder

      RIP DD214, I met Don when I was working for keepshooting.
    11. mrbig381

      Garand Tune-up

      Roger Miller was the guy in Cobb Island. I believe he suffered a stroke a few years ago and I have heard he isn't doing much these days.
    12. mrbig381

      Anyone Remember Hugo's Roller Skating Rink?

      Hugo's was the first gun show I attended back in the Eighties. Also the first rifle I bought happened there. All for a three dollar entry fee...
    13. mrbig381

      Southern Maryland Gun and Pawn

      Same company, I believe they are doing the safes also.
    14. mrbig381

      Keep Shooting

      Worked for Brian for seven years, I couldn't make the move to Pa. They are an internet only business now.
    15. mrbig381

      Added another Tikka M39

      Oh my...Two very nice ones.
    16. mrbig381

      .458 Win mag

      Only .458 Win mag that I fired was out of a Ruger#1. It was a hoot to say the least.
    17. mrbig381

      .458 Win mag

      Anyone interested in .458 Win mag reloading dies, bullets, brass, and some loaded ammo for cheap? Loaded ammo will sell as components, could be re-loads. I Don't have any use for it. PM will work if interested.
    18. mrbig381

      Savage Pump 22

      Nice little pump gun.
    19. mrbig381

      Cherry Condition 1972 Camaro - What do you think?

      Too much for a restomod.
    20. mrbig381

      My First S&W (a .38 special)

      Nice, don't see these everyday.
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