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      Federal Ammunition rips Minnesota DNR for lead ammo ban

      MN has a long history of this. There was a move there years ago to ban lead fishing sinkers, and a ban of lead wheel weights. There are local companies there that stand to make $$$ developing and selling expensive alternative materials. As far as how far left the state is, it may be better...
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      Secret Texas gun policy!

      How would Texas know how much money anyone makes? They don't have a state income tax.Wouldn't it be easier for ATF to go to the IRS?
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      Florida will go Constitutional Carry in 2023

      Southwest Florida is as blue as anywhere in the country. Miami-Dade has a Republican mayor, which is incredible. Palm Beach and Ft. Liquordale are another story.
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      Sell old Bushmaster Varminter (heavy barrel) rifle?

      I've asked you that before, I believe at Pintail...
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      Safariland Schema IWB Holster

      Is it six-sided?
    6. C

      Inherited rifle

      Try Charlie Dennis. He's on Kent Island. 410-643-7860
    7. C

      Kent Island HS

      I believe they shoot at Suddlersville Skeet Club. I used to be a member there until I left the state. Nice little private club, oldest skeet club in the US.
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      Experimenting With Leather

      Yes, they have, and yes, you do.
    9. C

      Bird ID eastern shore

      It's a killdeer. Used to get them almost every year on my gravel driveway when we lived on the shore. I had to put lawn chairs around the nest to keep unknowing visitors from driving over them. They seem to have a lot of egg mortality, as I would find broken eggshells and the nest abandoned much...
    10. C

      Censored by WXCY Radio

      Great Ad. There's a shutter company down in Ft. Myers that has a similar message, running on a banner and verbally. It ran all fall and winter down there, and when I first saw it I couldn't believe it. I guess its a different demographic.
    11. C

      Proposed change in QA County- shooting ranges

      Ding ding ding ding ding! We have a winner!
    12. C

      Talbot Co, whats the skinny?

      Look into Delmarva Sportsman Association in Sudlersville. 200yd rifle range and 50 yd pistol range. You have to be a member.
    13. C

      95th Division Vet Bring Back Sauer 38H

      During WW2 that insignia was used for Technical Sergeant, which is what's on his gravestone. Awesome bringback and story.
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      Another T-Shirt Give-Away: Biden... WTF?

      Awesome shirt! I'm in.
    15. C


      Why don't you buy 2 handguns and wait the 60 days required til you can buy another one. Apply for the DC status immediately, and you will likely get the letter within the 60 days, but at least you'll have 2 guns while you wait.
    16. C

      Rep. Boebert (R-CO) Thanks Democrats for Record Gun Sales

      And the Dems hate her, and now you know why!
    17. C

      Any m1917 or 1903 loaders in here?

      I don't know if this helps, but here's a website with reduced loads using pistol and shotgun powders.
    18. C

      Garand matches...

      You probably know about this one, but I'll throw it out anyway.
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