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    1. rpker

      Walther P22 firing pin problem

      I have had a Walther p22 for a while, the thing has always run like a champ and didn’t have any real problems other than being a PIA to reassemble. I keep it clean and have really only put maybe 1500 to 2000 rounds through it. It recently started miss firing/not firing. Upon inspection, the...
    2. rpker

      Biggfoot Navy

      Better be careful, I’ve seen stories of A LOT of horrific boat sinking stories around here.
    3. rpker

      What gun projects did you abandon or will never finish?

      My budget precision 22lr project. And it’s not really that I’ve abandon it, I just haven’t worked on it for a long time. The premise is building up a sub moa rifle with relatively inexpensive parts. I got a wood stock to start and I was in the process of glass bedding it. I also fed hundreds...
    4. rpker

      How much is enough - Ammo

      For those who have been around long enough to remember... I’ll stock up until someone calls me a hoarding douchwaffle...and then double it.
    5. rpker

      myrtle grove today

      Yeah they both had yearly permits but their “customers” had daily passes....well....except for one and I think she got a $250 ticket.
    6. rpker

      myrtle grove today

      I should have talked to the DNR guy about it but he had his hands full for the moment with a lady who “couldn’t find her daily pass”....maybe next weekend as my son had a blast of a time down there.
    7. rpker

      myrtle grove today

      OBTW.......The retard in question was actually wearing a sword........
    8. rpker

      myrtle grove today

      So I was down to myrtle grove. Last Sunday and I was rather shocked to see that there is at least two “shooting instruction schools” and I use that term VERY loosely running a business model where they go down to myrtle grove and suck up at least two tables each for an entire day while there is...
    9. rpker

      Axe ID help

      Inaugural camping trip And it chops as nice as it looks...
    10. rpker

      Hello gun gang of Marylandistan *tips fedora*

      Howdy welcome to the madness
    11. rpker

      Axe ID help

      BLO is my favorite and you can’t beat the scent. If you are looking for ax handles, try these guys... The handle I got from them was very tight grain hickory and it only took a few days to get my handle which came with two pine wedges. I had to supply...
    12. rpker

      Axe ID help

      And here she is sunbathing with some BLO on that new handle. Nice curves on that beauty! Edit.....I gotta do something with that grass
    13. rpker

      Axe ID help

      I’m probably 95% sure it’s a woodslayer as I found a “c3” stamp on it. You might be able to see it on the cheek of the axe in one of those photos. Kelly used this style of stamp to gauge wear on the tool they use to stamp these things out. It’s probably a late 70’s to early 80’s model which...
    14. rpker

      Axe ID help

      Not that it’s important on a gun forum but I have been cleaning this axe up. Overnight soak in oxalic acid to get the rust and dirt off and a bit of polishing. If the was a more vintage axe I would go a lot further on the polish but it is going to be a camp ax for the RV so I just hit with the...
    15. rpker

      Axe ID help

      BTW, it’s sharp as &@#), even for as rusty as it is I Knicked the crap out of my knuckle when I was knocking out the broken off handle bit.
    16. rpker

      Axe ID help

      I picked up an old welder yesterday and in the bottom of the cabinet that came with it were a couple of axe heads. I was just trying to figure out what kind this was and there is no touch mark on it that I can find. Red paint and the ridges in the eye make me pretty sure it’s a Kelly...
    17. rpker

      Rodent Blaster - legal in MD and who to ask?

      Yeah....the “free state”...
    18. rpker

      Emergency radio: recommend one for under $100

      For an AM/FM/WX/shortwave radio I bought a Kaito KA600 and I love the thing. Good sensitivity and several bands to choose from with very easy to use features. $99.00 on Amazon.
    19. rpker

      Cut Shells SHTF slugs

      It was pointed out in the original thread that this is an inherently bad idea with screw in chokes of the full variety
    20. rpker

      Tools you may need!

      Its a bit of a crackpot site but the endtimes report has a pretty decent description of FULL prep including everything from water to tools to rebuild society. There is also a survivial shop attached that has a pretty broad assortment of prepping items...
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