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    1. chale127

      Freight Train Karma?

      Maybe she Identified as dead when she came in....
    2. chale127

      School me on 22-250

      Started as .250-3000 Savage which started with the 30-06
    3. chale127

      No firearms allowed in this building...

      MD Law says: 2-1601 (c) "Building" has the meaning stated in the International Building Code. IBC says: BUILDING - Any structure utilized for or intended for supporting or sheltering any occupancy Occupancy is the critical word here and it is not individually defined in the IBC...depending on...
    4. chale127

      School me on 22-250

      Got it...thanks....when I get closer to potting pieces together to reload, I'll be sure to reach out with questions....Much appreciated
    5. chale127

      School me on 22-250

      12 Should be perfect for 55gr and OKish with 60gr
    6. chale127

      School me on 22-250

      WOW, a lot to learn and absorb in this one...Thanks for the info. I have read that the Neck angle on the Rem is a bit unique but important. So, from what I gathered initially, the datum tool will allow me to keep close watch on that angle changing and then use the bump die to bring it back to...
    7. chale127

      School me on 22-250

      Thanks for the spurring of thoughts....I hadn't quite gotten into that much detail yet but Savage says it's a 12" twist so I SHOULD be able to get results up to 60gr, but from what I read 55 is the sweet spot for this twist
    8. chale127

      School me on 22-250

      Since I won this sweet Savage Axis in 22-250. I need some good, practical, knowledge to go with it. Mostly reloading which I will definitely end up doing, but all, do's, dont's, and real world practical knowledge is welcome. What else do I need to know? Anything about the Savage Axis/Weaver...
    9. chale127

      Limited Carry in AACo?

      Concealed is concealed I live in AACo and carry everywhere except Gov't Building, schools, etc
    10. chale127

      Primer Notifications

      I was there this weekend and nothing was on display
    11. chale127

      No Pole: Two AR's, What Does MDS Recommend For Optics.

      I'm still holding out for the pole. But reading intently as I need to make a similar purchase.
    12. chale127

      Anne Arundel First Alert - Accidental Shooting at 2600 Block of Annapolis Road (Cindy's?)

      ..pretty please... with sugar on top. Clean the ******* range.
    13. chale127

      Montgomery county Maryland 41% increase in car jacking

      Having worked extensively in those wards and dealing with residents on a one-on-one basis, NOT SURPRISED And the delineation between DC and PG in that area is merely a line on a map. Had an inspector working on a project have his car stolen literally across the street from him while he watched...
    14. chale127

      223 downsides

      FULL SEND if it meets criteria above
    15. chale127

      Ward 5, 7 and 8 highest car jackings

      Having worked extensively in those wards and dealing with residents on a one-on-one basis NOT SURPRISED And the delineation between DC and PG in that area is merely a line on a map.
    16. chale127

      Accurate 10/22s

      I sometimes get bored shooting my 10-22 that started life as a bone stock thing and now has a heavy green mountain barrel and Hogue stock with an el cheapo scope, after a while I just end up putting rounds through the quarter sized hole I open up in the can easily be done and if you...
    17. chale127

      triple beam balance

      Dumb question(s)... 1-Do they even check this? 2-If so, how do they do it?
    18. chale127

      Havana Club Rum Giveaway, via the Breitling Watch Raffle/Fundraiser Thread

      I'm in and next to welder516 and wife, Ed may be the third finest human in here.
    19. chale127

      How to find turkeys on public land?

      Aren't they usually in the freezer section?
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