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    1. B

      Feedback posted by bigjsteelerfan on 2701Jim

      Thank you for the advice
    2. 22-250 ammo

      Reply to question by 'bigjsteelerfan' on the classified ad '22-250 ammo'

      These were my grandfathers. I am unaware. My guess he purchased them at a gun show.
    3. 22-250 ammo

      Reply to question by 'bigjsteelerfan' on the classified ad '22-250 ammo'

      Yes, I updated the ad. Thank you
    4. 22-250 ammo

      For sale 22-250 ammo

      22-250 ammo. 8-20 round boxes. 1-40 partial box 20 live/20 spent rounds. The 3 Winchester box’s have live rounds in them. $170. Meet near Ellicott City.
    5. Adams Arms 5.56 Piston Upper

      For sale Adams Arms 5.56 Piston Upper

      Adams Arms piston upper: 7 1/4 barrel. 5.56 Only shot 10-20 rounds through it. Reason for selling I went with a 9mm setup. Zero wear, as you can see on the bolt. One nick on the brass deflector.
    6. Belgium made Browning 22lr

      Reply to question by 'bigjsteelerfan' on the classified ad 'Belgium made Browning 22lr'

      One mag. I will try when I get home.
    7. Belgium made Browning 22lr

      For sale Belgium made Browning 22lr

    8. Ruger 77/22 All weather.

      For sale Ruger 77/22 All weather.

    9. B

      Feedback posted by bigjsteelerfan on EarnestT

      Good Trade. Nice doing business with you +++
    10. B

      Feedback posted by bigjsteelerfan on GoGoGadget

      Good guy. A pleasure. Thanks!
    11. B

      Whats the rarest firearm you own?

      Winchester 52D with unertl scope.
    12. B

      "Tactical" 22 LR vs Ruger 10/22 vs Bolt?

      I have had 3 10/22's all great shooters. Now I use a 77/22 I like it mu h better and it cleans mu h easier. I also have a tactical solutions upper for my ar that runs great. It was developed from a 10/22, and just as accurate.
    13. B

      OFFICIAL 2013 Bambi Whacking Picture Thread

      You can get iron city beer at corridor liquor in laurel off of 295 & 198, by khols. I think they changed their name to total wine. Big variety. Happy hunting.
    14. B

      Who hunts in the rain

      If its a light rain/mist I enjoy hunting. You can walk very quiet
    15. B

      Feedback posted by bigjsteelerfan on EarnestT

      Great deal on mounts and bases. Thank You! +++
    16. B

      Who Would Take This to the Range???

      All you need to do is hit the forward assist with a hammer a couple time. Close your eyes and let naturel selection do the rest.
    17. B

      Hacksaw or pipe cutter for 12 ga barrel?

      Hacksaw and a good file
    18. B

      Info about a Savage rascall 22 youth

      Are you saying that he would not be able to use the rifle. It sit something like just adding a spacer to the recoil pad
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