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      SB1 - Injunctive relief is provided for private property, locations that sell alcohol, and public demonstrations.

      I'm not lawyer but when I read "Injunctive relief is provided for private property, locations that sell alcohol, and public demonstrations." I read that to be, that until the case is settled, someone with a wear and carry can carry at a place that sells alcohol and on private property without...
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      Red Dot Reccomendation

      I'm thinking of getting a Rugar 10/22 for plinking. I am also contemplating buying 2 for target tree speed competitions in the backyard. Does anyone have a recommendation on a reasonable red dot sight?
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      SB1 Bar Owner Clarification

      As I read the rules, concealed carry in a restaurant that serves alcohol is prohibited under SB1. I also think a business owner can carry at their business and property. Can a restaurant owner that sells alcohol carry at their business?
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      Hello, new to the forum.

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      I Hate Introductions

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      Newbie looking for info!

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      One post closer to Classifieds....

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      Hello from Pasadena

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      Hi from Florida

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      CCW Insurance ... Should you have it ?
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      What's wrong with Terra Alta WV ?

      They actually started repairing and repaving some of the horrible roads in Terra Alta
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      Tomatoes /corn

      Not sure about silver queen but Higsons has a great reputation in the Cumberland/lavale area
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      Pennsylvania permit pickup NEXT YEAR!

      In Uniontown PA you don't need an appointment and can pick it up the same day.
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      4-Day Deep Creek vacay: Where to eat?

      Pine Lodge Steakhouse for a great steak or crab cakes. They are known for their crab soup. If you are in the area Thur - Friday JGS pub is open and they have great cheesesteaks and grinders as well as other great food
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      MD is shall issue ! Obligatory new gun purchases

      After reading this thread, I think you all have convinced me into getting a P365 Nitron Micro-Compact. Do you all have an IWB holster you recommend? I currently have a Beretta Storm sub-compact and the plastic clip of the IWB holster seems to print even though the gun itself doesn't.
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      Concealed Carry 70% Accuracy Scoring

      Thanks. That was what I was looking for.
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      Concealed Carry 70% Accuracy Scoring

      Is the NRA course accepted for the MD concealed carry training?
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      Concealed Carry 70% Accuracy Scoring

      I did a search but couldn't find the answer. In the training section of the MD concealed carry it says that "score at least 70% accuracy". How is that calculated? Most pistol scoring I found in searches was scored in points not accuracy. Also is there a special target I should be using...
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      HQL Process update

      Does the Livescan vendor send it to CJIS and NICS or do they send it to MSP and then MSP send it to CJIS and NICS?
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