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      Post your favorite ammo sources:

      I bought some 300BO from 2Awarehouse. They got half the order correct but sent the wrong 300BO for the other half, and no "ammo box" as promised. I've emailed a few times over the past few weeks, and no response. I can use the ammo sent, but too many other choices to give them any more of my...
    2. H

      I need a flashlight

      I found this search filter, and it works pretty good. You need to enter the year to make sure the search shows available models. I ended up with a Fenix PD25R, and might buy another.
    3. H

      .22 LR Hollow Point. Why?

      That video really surprised me. I never would have thought that much penetration and any expansion.
    4. H

      Wanting to get into shotguns, are these legal in Maryland and opinions.

      Seems like there'd be a fix for this?
    5. H

      Looking to add a fixed blade to Bug-out/Bug-in bag

      Yea, lots of letters and numbers. lol. But good point, probably best if I don't get too far in the weeds, then I'd end up never buying "the perfect" knife.
    6. H

      Looking to add a fixed blade to Bug-out/Bug-in bag

      I like the looks of that Bushcrafter, I need a quality knife in that size. Anyone have a link to the description and trade-offs of various blade metals?
    7. H

      I need a flashlight

      Thanks, a little pricey but those look like they are what I'm looking for.
    8. H

      The Fun of 3D Printing

      Is the main difference between the Prusa Mini and the Prusa i3, the size/height of base/stand? For ~$1k, is there something better than the i3?
    9. H

      Has Anyone Shot Both a 6-inch Ruger (Security-Six) and (GP-100)? Thoughts?

      I prefer the trigger and grip design of the 686 over the GP100. I wouldn't consider carrying a 6" revolver.
    10. H

      NFA Picture Thread

      Seriously, only 11 days? (I'm not familiar with the process, but now I'm going to reseach.)
    11. H

      NFA Picture Thread

      Nice! Yes, love simple AR's.
    12. H

      Looking to add a fixed blade to Bug-out/Bug-in bag

      I have 2 go-to knives in my camp gear. A 15 y/o gerber, similar to the current "ultimate". And a k-bar. I love the gerber, feel, sharpness, and low maintenance. The k-bar is used for the nasty stuff (opening cans, etc.)
    13. H

      Sight Pusher

      "sight pusher"....I had to look. And yea, that makes sense now. :)
    14. H

      Shipping firearms to a gunsmith with FedEX and UPS changed rules?

      The part with the serial number on it (the lower in this case) is the firearm. All other things are parts or chunks of metal and plastic, and can be shipped anyway you wish.
    15. H major data breach: email, password, name, address, birthday, and more.

      Agree with most of what you're saying. But adding gun purchases and sales to the data base is unique to the auction sites. Also, for the most part (and I'm not a MS fanboy), MS products aren't the problem. It's the implemenation details, which are very different at each storefront/site.
    16. H major data breach: email, password, name, address, birthday, and more.

      What a mess. I considered buying/selling online before, but could never feel that comfortable with it.
    17. H

      2023 Pennzoil rebate

    18. H

      Scope 101 ?

      Great info! Thanks.
    19. H

      Para Ordnance P14 upgrade suggestions

      Also, didn't springfield make a double stack 1911 that used the same magazines as the Para?
    20. H

      I need a flashlight

      Although..."triple tap" for low. These user interfaces suck.
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