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    1. nick

      Any idea where to buy some sleds for the snow?

      Well, if all else fails I can make a trip up there and get one. Thanks :)
    2. nick

      Any idea where to buy some sleds for the snow?

      I've got the morning to myself (probably) tomorrow and I was thinking about going out to find some sleds for some fun this weekend. I'm around BWI and I was wondering if anyone knew of places I could try for sleds? Obviously most places would be sold out (like Walmart), but I want to try...
    3. nick

      appleseed shoot thread

      I'd definitely be in. Been wanting to do one, but they're all so far away.
    4. nick

      Truck Driver needs a job

      my mom works as a recruiter for coca-cola in Hanover, I don't know if there are any openings, but you can check out If he applies for anything let me know and I'll tell my mom to keep an eye out for the application.
    5. nick

      Ruger Mini-14

      hahah :) I've never shot or held a mini-14 with a wood stock, but I like my regular wood 10/22 stock a lot.
    6. nick

      New Girl

      Welcome! Where in Linthicum? btw I have a zombie hunting permit on the back of my car, so if you pull me over, don't give me a ticket!
    7. nick

      Ruger Mini-14

      I have a stock Mini-14 GB.
    8. nick

      Springfield XDM

      I purchased an XDm 9mm from Dan @ GC on Friday. Can't wait to pick it up! :)
    9. nick

      9mm to trade........

      If he doesn't buy it, I will.
    10. nick

      C&R FFL Finally Came!!!

      my card got charged on 3/21.. still waiting.
    11. nick

      Who is stockpiling ammo???

      EBR was probably in reference to "Evil Black Rifle."
    12. nick

      More honor on the internet than real life?

      Maybe it wasn't in good working order so he sold it to avoid having to deal with his lie?
    13. nick

      Maryland Shooters Official Boonie Group Buy

      I'll take a black one and a khaki one.
    14. nick

      How to improve accuracy?

      Members can bring guests for free. Signing up isn't too expensive if you go a lot, but you have to join a club that has access to the range. They have a sign up sheet on the website. I think the club I joined is probably one of the cheapest. I think it ended up being around $170 for the year...
    15. nick

      How to improve accuracy?

      I'm a member at AGC, so anytime you want to go just let me know. I know On-Target won't let you shoot it, and Continental is probably the same. Hap Baker shouldn't have any issues.
    16. nick

      How to improve accuracy?

      Maybe we should all get together and take a class. I'm lucky if I can hit the paper at 25 yards with my five-seven, and it doesn't appear to be any consistency in where the bullets go.
    17. nick

      Group Buy?

      bump. I want a floppy hat.
    18. nick

      Any know if Hap baker will allow me to shoot my Five Seven?

      I have a Five-seveN and I shoot it at AGC. If you want to come some time, let me know.
    19. nick

      Who's in Backorder Pergatory??

      I've seen restrictions for Annapolis, but not Montgomery, Co.
    20. nick

      April 18/19th Appleseed, Reade Range Pa

      There are a couple in VA (near Richmond). Not too far from MD.
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