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    1. molonlabe

      Rifle lessons

      Hey I never did either but I joined in 2005
    2. molonlabe

      Ruger AR 556 MPR

      This all depends on what you want to use it for. You have selection of bullets from 55 to 75 gr rule of thumb for all round use 1 in 9 but that will not stabilize a 75 gr bullet but then again that's for matches and longer AR,s. A 1/7 will stabilize it but kind of rough for a 55 gr bullet. I...
    3. molonlabe

      Ever regret a 6in barrel on your .357?

      I have a 6 inch in a 586 combat masterpiece and a 4 inch on a GP100 the 586 is more difficult because of the longer site radius but for long range use I find it da bomb. I love the GP100 on pins. Quick acquisition great knock down. If you remember they have different uses you can't forget that...
    4. molonlabe

      Rifle lessons

      Ok, fare enough I'll sit down in the corner.
    5. molonlabe

      Rifle lessons

      Circumvent welcome thread not say yoga. Are you in West Virginia. See.
    6. molonlabe

      Mini-14 vs. AR-15

      Like this
    7. molonlabe domain name

      I seen this before it used to be more vile. I guess someone pissed in his cornflakes. Never knew who he was.
    8. molonlabe

      Enfield stock finish

      Boiled linseed oil may darken it too much try Pure Tung oil first since they are so close, and its not as aggressive.
    9. molonlabe

      Procedure on purchasing handgun online ?

      An FFL can order anything you want. When the Marlin 2000 .22 came out I could not find one anywhere big blue ugly stock my FFL did it for me lower than MSRP. Later I upgraded the firearm to a biathlon rifle with a 5 shot magazine rail an a more decent looking stock. I'm for supporting local...
    10. molonlabe

      where to get AR upper build parts

      Really? Maybe your blocked from work...
    11. molonlabe

      Patriot Picket Protesters Arrested

      I have to commend you guys and tell you that I am honored to be part of MDS. You aparently are getting to them for them to take such risky action as an attack on theFirat Amendment. They have shown their true fascist colors. Keep up the good work you have a hot potato here. Are our two guys...
    12. molonlabe

      Better hand priming tool

      I've always used an RCBS hand primer. Ensures reliable seating, you can feel the seat. Never has another squib because of the primer seating. I cannot say the same thing for the presses tube feed and prime on the upstroke. I got it in 86 been using it since.
    13. molonlabe

      New member from Columbia

      Welcome fro WV. Best forum on the web.
    14. molonlabe

      Second Amendment

      Well I've tried to avoid this tread but welcome back. You seem to have made plenty of enemies on MDS. What escapes me is why? You have joined a year after me and have twice the post. Surely posting this question from a firearms trainer is unusual. I would like to suggest you get this gem...
    15. molonlabe

      Crimping Question

      168gr Sierra match kings should not be crimped that go to great lengths to insure the consistency and dimensions of that round.
    16. molonlabe

      Lever action geek time

      They are basically hunting rifles not SD or gunfighting. Although if you can get the job done in 5 to 10 rounds but I would not bet my life on it.
    17. molonlabe

      Just Joined

      Welcome from West Virginia. For me I joined the state rifle and pistol association. They were on the CMP list I'll forgo the other ouestions to members here who reside in MD.
    18. molonlabe

      Buying from budsgunshop ??

      First post, well welcome. Is this a hit and run?
    19. molonlabe

      Any Good S&W Revolver Gunsmiths? I screwed up..

      Did you check you tube videos? The spring for the firing pin is tiny and easily lost.
    20. molonlabe

      Confirming CMP requirements and Garand info

      I would say yes but the last one I received was under one month from order to delivery. My paperwork was already on file but I sent it again anyway.
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