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      Here is one of my daily carry... Emerson CQC-7V w/ Grey Precision aged Naval Brass Monster Disk rifle knurling and bronze Wikked Knot Viking Uruz bead. Cakra brass Mjolnir knuckle duster
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      Best steel for your EDC

      with all these steels and super steels that are out there it really comes down to one thing.... The best steel is the one you have on you when you need it!
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      Ka-Bar, Share your opinion

      I have had mine for years... been a great camp/truck knife. I have blades that hold their edge longer under use and I have blades that look cooler. The KABAR is a great tool to have around and never disappoints and so far has never let me down. When my father passes I will get both his and...
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      Lets see a pic... what model is it? yeah they are nice and i hope you put it to some use. I rotate my EDC depending on my work location but normally it is the Emerson CQC7 mini or a Zero Tolerance 0350 .
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      Emerson CQC 7 mini never saw the need to carry a big blade but a nice 3" or a hair shorter seems to be the right size. I love my Emerson knives. Not fancy flippers with exotic materials but a good hard use working mans blade. The lock up is tight and no blade play. Pricey but worth it!
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      Feedback posted by Finn on Stevie Boy

      Great to deal with
    7. F

      Feedback posted by Finn on Stevie Boy

      A pleasant and easy transaction
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      Feedback posted by Finn on Stevie Boy

      Still a great customer
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      Feedback posted by Finn on Stevie Boy

      Pleasant to deal with, no hassles whatsoever. Great customer.
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      The Official AR-10 Picture Thread

      Adams Arms AR-10 topped with a Vortex Viper 6.5 x 20 x 44
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      The Official AR-15 Picture Thread

      Looks nice sig guy... 16" barrel? Also is that a CMC trigger I spy as well?
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      The Official AR-15 Picture Thread

      Well I finally bit the bullet and decided to upgrade to a more top tier factory build weapon. Lucky for me I have buddies that know people and was able to have LWRC make me a parts bin custom DI rifle for me. They don't offer it but I had them put a 14.7" barrel and pin and weld my own...
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      One Can for 300 Black and 5.56?

      I have the Saker 762 and i use the 556 end cap on it often and I "think" i can hear the difference.
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      Zero turn mower dealers who let you demo at home?

      well I would suggest renting a husqvarna zero turn from someplace.... like a United Rentals (shameless plug I work at the Annapolis branch) and try it out and see what you think of it. then if you like it you can buy a new one!
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      1911 Gun Porn

      Sig Sauer 1911 Nightmare Carry edition. Just got it back from Sig after having them install an ambidextrous safety for us south paws! It's a great shooter and after 800+ rounds only 3 malfunctions. 1 FTF and 2 stove pipes.
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      Revolver porn thread.

      born in 1973 .... and its gorgeous! original box too
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      Venison Backstraps

      in like...Finn
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      Revolver porn thread.

      My beautiful safe queen and BBQ piece... Early 70's J frame unfortunately not a factory engraved piece but still stunning!!
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      Knife fight at Oakland Mills HS

      her hubby was on the news saying she has a drinking problem. my question is who was in the car with her you can clearly see her hand stuff to someone in the car
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      Black Saturday Sale!

      any old J frame 38 specials? even if they are in a bit of rough condition
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