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    1. 4570inMD

      Havana Club Rum Giveaway, via the Breitling Watch Raffle/Fundraiser Thread

      I'm in. Thanks for making us aware of a good cause where MDS can do some good.
    2. 4570inMD

      CMP M1 Build Classes

      Who else is thinking about doing this? j8064 was my Buddy for the CMP 2018 Garand build class. It was a great experience; I highly recommend it. Both of us are very proud of our personally built Garands.
    3. 4570inMD

      30-40 krag ammunition
    4. 4570inMD

      Savage River Shooting Range restriction 21jun23

      1600-sunset on Wednesday, 21jun23
    5. 4570inMD

      Sig P365 sight / optic question

      My Sig P365XL has a Sig Romeozero 24mm. I'm very pleased with the way it works with this pistol and how the package fits in a Remora holster.
    6. 4570inMD

      Do You Have A Maryland Carry Permit?

    7. 4570inMD

      Sig P365 - Which Model Are You Carrying?

      366XL with a RomeoZero
    8. 4570inMD

      Application Progress Tracking Thread

      Pleasant update: Submitted: 10/17 Accepted: 10/19 22HGP1071xx NICS: 12/12 Approved: 12/13 22HGP-1053xx (57-days)
    9. 4570inMD

      Application Progress Tracking Thread

      Submitted: 10/17 Accepted: 10/19 NICS: 12/12
    10. 4570inMD

      WV Property-Search thread:

      Windwood Fly-in Resort Davis WV
    11. 4570inMD

      Wanted BPCR in 45/70

      A Browning BPCR Rifle .45-70 is one that I suspect is still available now. It is a modern version of a 1885 High Wall Rifle. Check your PMs for owner's contact info.
    12. 4570inMD

      Wanted BPCR in 45/70

      Hooligans are looking forward to your visit. While you are visiting, I'll bring my 7mm-08 so we can compare notes. 4570inMD
    13. 4570inMD

      Stupid article: Lawmakers from 3 Western Md. counties ask to be part of West Virgini

      At 1000 22oct21, Gov. Justice will hold a press event to address a request by lawmakers in 3 Maryland counties to join WV:
    14. 4570inMD

      Missing my Hooligan friends

      Once a Hooligan, always a Hooligan. We are missing you too. The Hooligans are shooting most every Sunday all year, unless we have travelled to a BPCR Silhouette Match. Sorry to have missed you this time; come back soon. 4570inMD
    15. 4570inMD

      BPCR Nationals

      The MDShooter Hooligans fared well at the 2021 BPCR National Championships at the Ridgway PA Range.. BigRick did really well for a newcomer to BPCR: • With his Shiloh 45-70 & Scope: o 7th in AA Scope; o 1st in AA Scope; resulting in 2nd Aggregate AA Scope • With his Shiloh 40-70ST &...
    16. 4570inMD

      BPCR Nationals

      Very impressive range with friendly hosts. Changing mirages & winds prove challenging. We used old-fashion human shooters/target-scorers in rotation today. We kept 4 targets active from 0900-1530. My first time to be downrange with large caliber BP bullets flying overhead and...
    17. 4570inMD

      BPCR Nationals

      Today, BigRick & 4570inMD shot our Sharps 40-70STs at 800, 900, & 1000yd targets at Reade Range PA. This picture is at 900 yds; 44" circular black target.
    18. 4570inMD

      BPCR Shooting

      Welcome to the BPCR community. Another vote for the C Sharps here, based on their successes at the BPCR matches. C Sharps rifles are known for their high-quality, precision, and accuracy. BPCR shooting is great fun & calls upon your reloading and shooting skills. As mentioned earlier, it...
    19. 4570inMD

      New BPCR from CPA Rifles

      Congrats! The folks at CPA make very high-quality rifles. .40-65 is a popular caliber; still, you'll likely need to run through several powder-trees to find your rifle's optimum load combination. Bring it out to Western Maryland and the Hooligans will assist. The BPCR matches at...
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