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      Churches with Childcare

      Haha understood. I’m just noting that the sacrifice is worth it for your kid’s safety.
    2. P

      Churches with Childcare

      Definitely worth it until these prohibitions get challenged in court.
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      Churches with Childcare

      They have a preschool at the church during the week which doesn’t have a child care center license, but does have a letter of compliance number. I’m assuming that would make it prohibited, but not 100% sure since it’s technically not a licensed center.
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      Churches with Childcare

      This is great advice. I was trying to decipher if they would meet any of the exemption standards, but didn’t even think about just asking. Thanks.
    5. P

      Churches with Childcare

      Would churches who provide child care during services on multiple days of the week be considered “childcare centers” per MD law?
    6. P

      HBAR AR Cash N Carry?

      Thanks for the info. I was interested in this too
    7. P

      Selling a vepr 54r

      Sent you a pm
    8. P

      Selling a vepr 54r

      Great! That’s what I thought, but wanted to confirm. Will probably be putting I up in the classifieds this week once I figure out what it’s worth. Thanks again for the help!
    9. P

      Selling a vepr 54r

      I am thinking about selling a vepr 7.62x54r that has been sitting in my safe for a few years. It’s such a cool gun, but I really have no need for it. I’d really like to keep it within the state if at all possible. Would I be okay selling that within MD with a bill of sale or do I need to focus...
    10. P

      Sig STX 1911 or...?

      I’ve got one of the sig STX 1911’s and am very happy with it. My only suggestion so that you try to see a few to pick from if possible as the wood grips range from so-so to beautiful depending on which you get.
    11. P

      Stribog SP9A3 finally ATF approved!

      I am very excited to see reports on how these perform
    12. P

      Grand Power Stribog SP9A1

      These look awesome. Kind of waiting for more people to test the waters before jumping in though.
    13. P

      scope recommendations

      Used holosun or primary arms advanced micro would be very hard to beat for ~$100
    14. P

      Holographic or LPV?

      Between those two I’d go with the accupower 1-8. If you’re interested in The accupower I’d suggest looking at the primary arms platinum 1-8. You can find fantastic deals on them and they offer very similar glass, but a better(imo) reticle. There have also been several complaints with the...
    15. P

      From Jim Brochin, looking for nominations

      Good idea, but Something tells me that they won't even consider anything other than a far-left nominee. I was more annoyed with the fact that I even got an email from this guy. Makes you wonder how he got the email address.
    16. P

      Trijicon 1-8x28

      Curious as to how you like this scope (assuming you got it by now). I was choosing between those two, but found a deal on the platinum 1-8 that I couldn't pass up.
    17. P

      KRISS Vector Tail Hook Brace

      Wow that is incredibly cool. Doesn't look awkward like some braces do at all
    18. P

      Kershaw 1660 Ken Onion Leek w/speedsafe $30 @ amazon

      Got mine today. Thanks
    19. P

      Pump-action, 12 Gauge Shotgun less than $500

      I'd try to find a old police magnum 870 with rifle sights. That way you can swap out for a longer vent rib without issue later on.
    20. P

      Trijicon 1-8x28

      Wish I could justify getting one of these. They seem to be exactly what I would want.
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