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    1. TheGunnyRet

      AR in 7.62x39

      PTR 32 it Legal in MD uses AK Mags has also available pistol versions to SBR JMO
    2. TheGunnyRet

      AR-10 build questions and inspiration

      14.5” Ballistic Advantage 1/10 twist Govt profile Barrel. > 12” Aero Precision M5 Enhanced Handguard > VG6 muzzle break > Adjustable Gas Block > Ballistic Advantage BA10 Receiver set. > Drop in Straight Velocity Trigger 5 lbs > Armspec Red Safety and Mag release. > Troy Tomahawk 308...
    3. TheGunnyRet

      WV Voting info. Just a kind reminder/PSA...:innocent0
    4. TheGunnyRet

      Joe Manchin

      A Turncoat if I ever saw one...
    5. TheGunnyRet

      Gilboa Snake AR15

      leave it to the Israelis to come up with that, I was think of the 762x39 rifle Gilboa has...
    6. TheGunnyRet

      CZ porn, anyone?

      My New addition to my collection. (orange thing is a Cover)
    7. TheGunnyRet

      IWI TAVOR 7

      Understood, I to was a victim of the Subjective State of MD before becoming Free..
    8. TheGunnyRet

      New Member, VZ58, PTR-32, or VEPR?

      I Have PTR 32, Soft Shooter Low Recoil, Accurate, Takes most AK Mags and Drums...Had this first while living in MD now a WV resident but still love this rifle.
    9. TheGunnyRet

      IWI TAVOR 7

      Quantico Tactical Tavor 7 is $1681.77 with Military/LE discount, Retirees qualify. 3 Colors Planning to purchase...
    10. TheGunnyRet

      Now the Pope wants to "ban all weapons"?

      Reverence doesn't translate to relevancy...
    11. TheGunnyRet

      Would You Be Willing To Put Your Butt On The Line?

      The Bundy episode was a shot over the bow...and I don't think the "POLICE" could react to a full blown resistance. If our Freedoms are Seriously in Jeopardy, I all in...
    12. TheGunnyRet

      USMC Switching to HK

      H&K will build a Factory in the US so they Can be American Made, just Like Beretta and FN...and SIG as well. M17=Sig Sauer M240 =FN M249=FN M27=HK M9=Beretta M777=BAE AV8 Harrier=Originally developed by UK manufacturer Hawker Siddeley.
    13. TheGunnyRet

      Tula Ammo Banned?

      Someone needs to Tell Rob he can rescind his Commentary...jmo
    14. TheGunnyRet

      Range Report for Canik TP9SFx

      Sweet Pistol and Review...seem the Turks got this right, another addition to my list.
    15. TheGunnyRet


      This is disturbing in how the Government is failing Gun Owners, also attached a copy. HEARING OF THE U.S. SENATE COMMITTEE ON THE JUDICIARY ON NICS REPORTING AND FIREARM ACCCESSORY REGULATION...
    16. TheGunnyRet

      IWI TAVOR 7

      "TAVOR 7 is a battle ready innovative weapon, built to be durable and robust, designed in close collaboration with the IDF to create a weapon with outstanding performance and accuracy in all environmental conditions with enhanced human ergonomics." BUIS would mount easily on the Pic Rail...
    17. TheGunnyRet

      Justice Department and ATF Begin Regulatory Process to Determine Whether Bump Stocks

      Your Avatar Contradicts your opinion/belief. Besides What is a "LoopHole Device" is it something to assist in tying your shoe laces? (or sounds like "Assault Weapon")
    18. TheGunnyRet

      Rejected by Dealer to Ship Mags Out of State

      The Maryland Conundrum, So Glad we moved to WV...When We were in MD we just ate the loss...
    19. TheGunnyRet

      16” .308 or 22” 6.5 Creedmoor?

      To expand on this thought, 6.5cm IS NOT USED in MACHINE GUNS...
    20. TheGunnyRet

      16” .308 or 22” 6.5 Creedmoor?

      Note that 6.5 has been around it migrated from Europe and growing here in the US. JMO if you want Versatility 7.62x51/308 is the Route I would take and took.
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