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      Ruger Pistols

      What sites did you get? Haven’t decided if I’m gonna change but am thinking about it
    2. C

      Question on 77R

      There was still 5 days left in the month, so at 330+ per day it probably hit that number
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      Ruger Pistols

      I just picked up a security 9 compact without a laser sight. Haven’t shot this one yet but the one I did shoot was nice and as accurate as I am capable of being. Rugers are well made pistols in my opinion and good value for the price. My only other Ruger is a P89. Other than the awful trigger...
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      Question on 77R

      I’ve always felt they should just come right out and say “We regret to inform you that we couldn’t find a way to legally deny your purchase” On another note, does anyone know if the application number for the 77R is an indication of the number of transfers? The one I did a week ago for the...
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      Carry Question if restricted

      Patuxent River State Park along the Howard Montgomery border does allow coyote hunting. Coyotes may be hunted all year long with rifle, shotgun, muzzleloader and handguns. However, Sunday hunting is prohibited in state parks so keep that in mind. Just make sure you have your hunting license...
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      Free: Chickens

      You better think!
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      Migration observations...

      Because there’s more geese on that side
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      Harbor Freight - Reisterstown

      Got an email today that it’s open
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      Concealed Carry or Open Carry while hunting

      There is no hunting law or regulation that requires handgun that is used for hunting to be openly carried. Hunting is one of the allowed reasons to wear, carry or transport a handgun without a permit. I am not sure how SB-1 impacts hunting with a handgun as I haven’t looked at that aspect, but...
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      Average wait time for WV CCW Permit?

      Thanks. That’s what I thought for the counties nearest me. I’m in Baltimore County so the panhandle counties make the most sense. I may just wait until I’m out that way turkey hunting this spring to go apply. That way only one trip out will be solely for a permit
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      Average wait time for WV CCW Permit?

      Do any WV Counties take applications by mail? Trying to avoid two trips if possible
    12. C

      Did MSP contact all of your references

      So what are going to list in the classifieds?
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      NYC Bodega owners form "Secret Gun Society" for self-defense...

      The literal translation would be lays down late but French does not do well with a literal translation. Especially québécois French. Owned by Circle K makes sense as they are the typical gas station convenience store. Their beer selection is usually very lacking unless you like sleeman
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      Private charter jet airport STM County?

      2W6 is outside of the SFRA
    15. C

      Private charter jet airport STM County?

      2W6 is the code for St Mary’s Regional Airport. Not STM
    16. C

      Streamlined 100% online Hunter Safety Certification

      You are exempt from the field day. You still have to take and pass the online portion
    17. C

      Magazine Question?

      I ordered some non firearms related items a while ago and had them shipped to an Alaska address. As soon as I changed the shipping address, the sales tax disappeared. Billing address was still in MD
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      Hunters Safety Course

      This page should have everything you need to get him started. If he already has a dnrid skip the first section. The link to the online test is at the bottom of the page. Once he completes the course you will need to...
    19. C

      Hunters Safety Course

      There are also states that offer a 100% online option. I think NC is the cheapest and does not have a minimum age. It is up to you to decide if your son is a good candidate for that option. You could also have your son take the online apprentice course and get him an apprentice license. He...
    20. C

      Will Governor Wes Moore sign SB1?

      That won’t be there much longer…
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