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      Best Lube to store in rifle grip?

      Recently completed a build of rifles I’m planning on having around long term, and I want to get some lube to throw in the pistol grip storage compartment. I use the patented Clandestine lube method but I’d still like to have something on board. Any suggestions or recommendations? I’m aware...
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      Gilboa M43 Rifle

      Yeah I just don’t see how mechanically an AR bolt and a AK mag can ever coexist. Any movement, wobble or pressure on that mag and the bolt lugs will hit the feed lips... My sig 556R is the only design I’ve found to be reliable.
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      Gilboa M43 Rifle

      It’s pretty but I imagine it has the same issues with mags as the psa ak/ar variant. Plus that bolt face looks thin...
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      AK74 5.56 Build, Opinions sought

      Finally started to acquire some tools, got a solid deal on a press and rivet jig. The only problem now is I’m hearing PSA is going to release a 5.56 AK that takes AR mags...
    5. T

      Franklin armory reformation

      Just what I’ve always wanted, a smooth bore AR...[emoji849]
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      Drill Press Recommendations Wanted

      I’m in the free state of Texas currently, appreciate the offer though Keep the suggestions coming guys, lots of good stuff!
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      First AR build: 20in Barrel w/ FSB? (and other parts related questions)

      I just ordered and received a barrel from here: With the warblock mounted on it. If your interested I’ll post a pic tomorrow.
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      Drill Press Recommendations Wanted

      Looking to buy a drill press for upcoming projects, mainly AK related. Looking for recommendations in the 100-200 dollar range. Anyone having any personal wisdom to share would be appreciated.
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      VEPR FM-AK74-11 not MD legal according to MSP

      If someone has an evil M90NP they want to part with, LMK. Allow me to save you from the MSP.
    10. T

      AK74 5.56 Build, Opinions sought

      Thanks, will do. I like the idea of having that built in red dot mount so I'm definitely leaning towards building one vs buying one.
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      AK74 5.56 Build, Opinions sought

      I’ve got a taste for a 5.56 AK. Been doing a bit of researching and it seems like the below parts should all work:
    12. T

      RS Regulate AK optic mounts

      Yeah, don’t bother trying to get the cheap knock off rs regulates either, I tried one and the screws stripped out the holes on the first use...
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      S&W M&P 10 vs. PSA AR 10 G2?

      Well I broke down and popped on the PSA gen 2. I'll post a range follow up once I've shot it. For the price I couldn't not give it a go.
    14. T

      Is this "shoot-able"?

      A couple of years back I took a bag of 22lr that had been my grandfathers and shot it. Ammo had to be around 35+ years old. Not the smartest thing I've ever done but 7/10 went bang and no squibs so...go for it.
    15. T

      S&W M&P 10 vs. PSA AR 10 G2?

      It is but I'd prefer not having a fixed front sight since I'll definitely have optics on it
    16. T

      S&W M&P 10 vs. PSA AR 10 G2?

      I have, doesn't appear to have any major differences from the S&W though.
    17. T

      S&W M&P 10 vs. PSA AR 10 G2?

      I'm selling my non-AR .308 battle rifles and consolidating down to ONE AR .308 platform rifle. I'm going this route because I'm tired of having all these different piles of mags and weird optic mounts and so forth. Plus, Uncle gives me regular trigger time with the 15 so I'm familiar with the...
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      Millet 1-6

      I had an earlier model and hated the eyebox and eye relief. Might have gotten better but that's all I know
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      Deal on Polymer80 compact.

      What's your total all in cost?
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