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    1. Dreago

      Whom offers the 8 hour hgp refreher course

      Anyone from Metallica might be able to chime in on this too.
    2. Dreago

      Application Progress Tracking Thread

      We got our cards either on the 20th or 21st. We were out of town, but they were waiting for us when we came back on the 23rd.
    3. Dreago

      Application Progress Tracking Thread

      Submitted 9-12 Accepted-9-19 NICS-9-26 References not checked Approved-10-17 Received-10-20 or 21 (was out of town) My app. number is 23HGP0777XX My wife is the same, but the last 2 are different. Permit #23HGP-1922XX Both me and my wife's are the same, just 3 numbers apart
    4. Dreago

      Women on Target 10/28 BCGF

      Damn! Just made plans for that day or I'd send my wife. She enjoyed it a few years ago when she went.
    5. Dreago

      Dundalk CCW/HQL $175 September 9,10 Good for MD/VA/AZ

      This is a great class to take. Me and my wife took it this past weekend and really enjoyed it. We had a few folks who had never shot a gun before and many who had, but it was a very relaxed atmosphere. Jen makes the class stupid questions.......don't understand something, it...
    6. Dreago

      Recommended indoor range for AACo?

      Sweet! Me and the Missus took our CCW class this past weekend and she has the bug to go shooting more again.
    7. Dreago

      Nebraska is now Constitutional Carry

      That's how the corn grows so well in Nebraska
    8. Dreago

      Holy bat shit

      We had one in our house when I was in high school. Heard this little squeak when I was getting ready for school and tried to figure out where it was coming from. Went up the stairs and it stopped. *shrug....go back downstairs* A minute or two later, hear the same squeak again and this time, the...
    9. Dreago

      Moving to PA end of this year, question on rifle

      I wasn't born in PA, but lived there from '76-'90......mostly around the Altoona/Hollidaysburg area. Was also in Pittsburgh for about 4 years.
    10. Dreago

      Anne Arundel County Public Libraries giving away gun locks

      It doesn't say in the email. Just shows a pic of one, so I'm not sure if it would be the kind they're giving away or not.
    11. Dreago

      Anne Arundel County Public Libraries giving away gun locks

      Just got an email a little bit ago that some of the libraries in AA County are giving away up to two gun locks. Have to be 18+ years old. No library card or proof of residence needed. They're at the Busch Annapolis, Eastport-Annapolis Neck, and Glen Burnie libraries.
    12. Dreago

      ISO of carrying in health care facilities

      Nah...he was just glad to see you.
    13. Dreago

      Training for the Maryland permit (out of practice)

      Good deal. Thanks for all the replies. I feel a little better about it now. Was more worried about the wife than myself.
    14. Dreago

      Training for the Maryland permit (out of practice)

      Me and the missus were finally going to take the plunge and get our permits in the near future. The problem is we haven't had much of a chance to shoot a lot over the past few years due to the pandemic. We're both in healthcare and have, for the most part, been running the same schedule for the...
    15. Dreago

      Another Mexican Restaurant in Pasadena. Don Pancho

      Their website has a menu listed if you want to check out their goodies.
    16. Dreago

      Moms Demand Action

      Saw that the other day, but my feeble brain forgot to post it. :toothless
    17. Dreago


      Good to hear.:thumbsup:
    18. Dreago


      I saw a post on FB this morning, I think , that said they just got some new pistols in . Sounds like they'll be open for a little bit, anyway.
    19. Dreago

      Blood, gore, self immolation in the streets because of your carry permit

      So far, the only way is to die. Even then, you're forced to vote Democrat.:whack:
    20. Dreago

      Permit Card Seems Low Quality

      The hair had them mesmerized :whoa:
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