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      New York Post "Mother shared her gun obsession with school shooter"

      I don't really see the New York Post as a credible source, and usually only read it for entertainment. They must pay off a lot of people to keep from being slapped with libel suits.
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      The True Baltimore

      You can be the wrong race, so long as you're buying.:D
    3. S

      Puffed up some skirts

      Out of my Gamo Whisper with nitro piston, I've had accurate results with Crosman Destroyers and Gamo Rockets.
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      Uptick In Home Robberies In Canton

      Thieves have been coming to Canton for years to pillage. Its even more lucrative now that the houses are going for what they do, and a good number of the vehicles in the neighborhood are now of the luxury variety. To keep an eye on the trends, and good old fashioned entertainment, read the crime...
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      Teen shot in Reisterstown Tuesday Night Says the guy who lives in Columbia.:cool:
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      Teen shot in Reisterstown Tuesday Night

      No doubt. I'm just north of Hannah Moore on Main Street, and my good friend is just off of Tollgate Rd. The contrasts are sickening. Already there faze. Been there before as well, when still residing in Baltimore. I guess I just won't be happy until I find a place like Main Street...
    7. S

      Teen shot in Reisterstown Tuesday Night

      I agree 100% which is why I'm reluctant to write off Reisterstown just yet. I like it here. There are still many good people, at least from what I've seen in my short time. It reminds me of the neighborhoods by which you were identified when growing up in the city not so long ago. It's just hard...
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      Teen shot in Reisterstown Tuesday Night

      The writing is on the wall, though I wouldn't go so far as to classify Reisterstown as "ghetto" just yet. However, it certainly has it's problems and is well on it's way if they aren't remedied. But, I grew up in the city and have worked in west Baltimore for the past seven years, so my opinion...
    9. S

      Teen shot in Reisterstown Tuesday Night

      Good point, especially given the proximity to all the other things happening up here as of late. I love it here too, just wish it was further away.
    10. S

      Teen shot in Reisterstown Tuesday Night

      Jeez, I go away to the ocean for a week and things break loose. Seems like the crime is getting more violent and more frequent. Not that I'm surprised, just disappointed.
    11. S

      Moving out of the City, advise on areas

      Depends on the time you leave for work. I commute from Reisterstown to Pigtown and its not bad at all. On the other hand, I'm also on the road by 0500. FWIW, my fiance usually leaves by 0600 in order to make it to UMMC by 0700. In addition, I was born and raised in Canton, and worked on the...
    12. S

      M1 Garand: Our New Service Rifle (Original 1938 Review)

      Aside from the article being fascinating in and of itself, you just don't see writing like that anymore. Thanks for sharing.
    13. S

      Few Gun Pictures with my DSLR

      Very nice! I ended getting a Nikon D5100 when my son was born back in September. The camera is more capable then I am. I've been able to capture some really nice shots of him with family members which made great gifts this year. Easily one of my better, more expensive purchases, along with my...
    14. S

      Frank Conaway Sr. with expired CCW

      This. As evidenced by all of his supporters- "Meanwhile, some of the city's black leaders were rallying around Conaway. Marvin "Doc" Cheatham, president of the Baltimore chapter of the National Action Network, sent an email to Commissioner Frederick H. Bealefeld III and State's Attorney Gregg...
    15. S

      Firefighter/Rescuer I

      Had the same question both times I took the city test.
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      streamlite xl50

      I have the xl50, the xl100, and the xl200. They are fun lights with pretty impressive features, especially given the price. I use the xl50 on the low setting as a night light to read and not wake up the wife. They are small enough to fit comfortably in jeans. One con that I have found is that it...
    17. S

      oh wait, was she a great big fat person?

      "Don't you hurt my dog!"
    18. S

      Am I Paranoid for Finding This Suspicious?

      Yeah I was born and raised in Canton, back when it was still a working class neighborhood. I had no idea the Royal Farms had been robbed so frequently. Of course, then again, like you stated, the common denominator being the bus stop right there. I occasionaly hear loud groups of people getting...
    19. S

      Am I Paranoid for Finding This Suspicious?

      I'm right down the street from here on Main Street, just North of Hannah Moore. Knock on wood, it has been pretty quiet since I moved here aprrox 1.5 years ago. I did come home one night and the ghetto bird was flying low over the apartments just south of me, I believe they are called Butler...
    20. S

      Op-Ed piece from WSJ on gun trafficking

      I had dinner at the in-laws yesterday evening and a copy of The Wall Street Journal sitting around caught my eye. I did a quick search here, so I hope this isn't a dupe. The Op-Ed piece was featured after this...
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