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      Walk away if you can

      An armed society is a polite society.
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      Chicken tractor and lack of skill

      Mine, under construction. 2x6 treated frame with 4'x16' cattle panel. Needs 1/2" hardware cloth over entire frame. Not hard at all to build, just basic tools. Lots of Youtube videos on how to build them.
    3. D


      Minor infractions result in the loss of Rights, it's the Maryland way.
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      WV Property-Search thread:

      If you go to this site: and check the listings they show the HOA rules for the property (see the tab marked DOCs). Common restrictions are: minimum square footage of a structure, no mobile homes, limited use of campers on the lot, no discharge of firearms, etc.
    5. D

      DIY Nuclear Reactor

      Didn't work out so well for David Hahn.
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      WV Property-Search thread:

      Good luck finding land with the mineral rights in WV.
    7. D

      Ok did not do this before first post

      Welcome! I'm also from Hazzard County.
    8. D

      Shooting at Catonsville High School

      How can this be? I thought schools were gun free zones.
    9. D

      Why are my threads deleted?

      Thanks! I live off of 543, north end.
    10. D

      Why are my threads deleted?

      I'm interested. Any held in Harford County?
    11. D

      Why are my threads deleted?

      You have friends, family and colleagues that you personally know that have been banned or blocked from MDS? Heck I don't think I've personally met more than 2 members here.
    12. D

      Denials and looking for advice

      Look at the 4473 questions. I can tell you that if he's been denied and tries to apply again and changes his answers that will be a problem. I suggest he talk with an attorney about...
    13. D

      HQL, Finally broke down and got it

      Not me. yet.
    14. D

      Biden ATF stockpile Gun Owners records

      There's an FBI information storage complex off I-79 near Clarksburg
    15. D

      To kill or not to kill

      This guy is hanging out behind my house.
    16. D

      MSI, Jarrettsville VFW gun show 5-7 Nov

      In the past they have had the larger hall and a second, smaller one with vendors. This year only the larger hall was open. So my opinion, it was disappointing.
    17. D

      Jarretsville VFW post 8672 Gun Show Nov 5-7

      Well at least you would have been first in line. :lol2: I'll be there at 5:00 on Friday.
    18. D

      Jarretsville VFW post 8672 Gun Show Nov 5-7

      MSI shows the it starts at 5:00pm on Friday.
    19. D

      Jarretsville VFW post 8672 Gun Show Nov 5-7
    20. D

      Stupid article: Lawmakers from 3 Western Md. counties ask to be part of West Virgini

      "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.--That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their...
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