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    1. occbrian

      SCOTUS Justice Scalia passes today...

      If HRC, Sanders or Trump end up picking his replacement it won't matter.
    2. occbrian

      SCOTUS Justice Scalia passes today...

    3. occbrian

      SCOTUS Justice Scalia passes today...

      sen mike lee's spokesperson
    4. occbrian

      SCOTUS Justice Scalia passes today...

      RIP. What a great man. He lived a full life. This is horrible.
    5. occbrian

      Decision in Kolbe!

      I agree with the good doctor.
    6. occbrian

      Decision in Kolbe!

      I may not be remembering it correctly, but I thought ESQ spoke to this previously. I don't think a district judge would fly in the face of a circuit decision. I'd guess she invalidates the AWB under SS... Frosh appeals to circuit and the decision is upheld. Frosh then asks for en banc. At that...
    7. occbrian

      Decision in Kolbe!

      IMO... barring en banc... this essentially handcuffs Blake. Frosh et al were already contorted beyond belief in their initial argument. It would appear that this decision already lays the ground work for destroying their position (without actually doing so). If Frosh gets out of this...
    8. occbrian

      Decision in Kolbe!

      "The State’s expert Daniel Webster even agreed that it is reasonable to assume that a purpose for keeping one of the prohibited weapons is self-defense in the home." hahaha... THANKS, DANIEL!
    9. occbrian

      Decision in Kolbe!

      Music to my years...
    10. occbrian

      Decision in Kolbe!

    11. occbrian

      C4 Radio show today
    12. occbrian

      C4 Radio show today

      I'd ask you all to comment on his FB post...
    13. occbrian

      Who really funds the NRA...

      Pretty interesting...
    14. occbrian

      Gun Bill Hearings Play-by-Play

      *crawls out from under rock* Good work guys. I couldn't be there today, but I appreciate everyone who was.
    15. occbrian

      CA denied intervention in Peruta!

    16. occbrian

      Go Vote!!!!

      Don't be an Upham. Vote.
    17. occbrian

      Jack McCauley on Facebook

      Per Jack on FB today: You voice counts. I first heard the name, “Maryland Shall Issue, shortly after I was appointed as the Commander of the State Police Licensing Division. The Woolard decision had just been announced, identifying Maryland’s requirement to show a good and substantial reason...
    18. occbrian

      Carroll County Meet-up 10/11/14

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