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      G Flex Triggers Legal in MD?

      Hi all- I often turn to this group for its knowledge. I've been told that G-Flex triggers are legal in MD. Is this true or false?
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      Long gun transfer between private parties in state

      If I wish to transfer a shotgun to my brother in MD, can I just do a bill of sale?
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      Pawning a firearm

      Casey, I know this post is old, but I totally agree!
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      Encounter at the AGC Pistol Range

      Abide by rules I've been to the range being referenced, however, cease fire means stop immediately. I remember when I purchased a new gun and just when I was going to fire it for the first time - cease fire was called. I pleaded with the guy (It was a deagle) to fire at least once. He said...
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      Indoor ranges for an AR?

      Try Fred's Outdoors on 301. I think they allow rifles.
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      P/T job for 18 year old

      Try the City of Alexandria; RPCA - Recreation, parks and cultural activities. They pay ok rates to young people and generally hire year round. Hope this helps.
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