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    1. endsjustifymeans

      In Stock NOW!

      Pics sold me, putting an order in today. Thanks landmark.
    2. endsjustifymeans

      P64: Which vendor?

      Suddenly not so sad I didn't order one. Back to GB with me.
    3. endsjustifymeans

      Any reason I shouldn't buy a K31 from SOG?

      SOG has earned my trust several times over, usually fairly significantly underselling the quality of the firearms. If you want one, I see no reason not to buy from them.
    4. endsjustifymeans

      P64: Which vendor?

      $250 with an extra mag. Not terrible. But if it has those awful import marks it's still way too much.
    5. endsjustifymeans

      License Renewal - same original app?

      When you allow the license to lapse... What do you do with the old book since it's no longer necessary. Shredder?
    6. endsjustifymeans

      1911 on the Walking Dead

      Show makes me want a colt revolver badly.
    7. endsjustifymeans

      In Stock NOW!

      Samco has them for $599
    8. endsjustifymeans

      Star B in 9mm

      What kind of price is fair for these? 350-400?
    9. endsjustifymeans

      Star B in 9mm

      MD designated collector letter? Don't think I have that...
    10. endsjustifymeans

      Great deal on AIM (Yugo Tokarev M57 Pistol)

      Struggling not to buy this one, already have a yugo from the wideners deal. Hope they sell out before I give in. Edit: whew... Made it. Lol.
    11. endsjustifymeans

      SOG P64 - Ugly Import Marks

      This is much more tolerable.
    12. endsjustifymeans

      SOG P64 - Ugly Import Marks

      The price is going to have to come down on these dramatically for me to be comfortable with those markings. Back to gunbroker with me.
    13. endsjustifymeans

      In Stock NOW!

      I was due for renewal on my buyers club membership, got free shipping for the renewal along with the $10 off for the coupon. Great deal there.
    14. endsjustifymeans

      In Stock NOW!

      From my experience SOG is very accommodating when it comes to requests on the Hand select. Back when I ordered my P-1 I asked specifically for a hex pin model and thats what they sent me.
    15. endsjustifymeans

      In Stock NOW!

      Great deal, but the condition description sounds horrifying.
    16. endsjustifymeans

      In Stock NOW!

      Catalog shows $229.
    17. endsjustifymeans

      In Stock NOW!

      I notice SOG's current catalog has P-64s again, though they aren't available on the site. Are they trickling back in to retailers?
    18. endsjustifymeans

      Yugo M57 From Aim

      They pop up in eBay "fairly" regularly.
    19. endsjustifymeans

      SKS applications

      Can't speak for every one, but it's just damned fun to shoot. And relatively inexpensive to shoot as well. So happy with my first one, I bought a second. :)
    20. endsjustifymeans

      SOG's 12 Days of Christmas - Romanian Tokarev $187

      Anyone know what the shipping looks like on this? Is the $200 + free shipping from classic a better deal?
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