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    1. Fionnros

      New Girl on the Block

      Bart says "Done!" So set it all up with Bart ;)
    2. Fionnros

      I can't believe I dropped $200 on this

      I have a friend who can't find them anywhere. Everyone is back ordered. At this point he's praying his number comes up before a ban hits. I'd say congrats on your purchase. :thumbsup:
    3. Fionnros

      New Girl on the Block

      Hey Mrs. Stu, welcome! I get on here under similar standards. Mainly for the knowledge, sometimes if the subject is worth commenting on. Sometimes these guys get organized enough to schedule meet ups. Those are typically fun. ;) Bart and I like going up to the range every month, and enjoy the...
    4. Fionnros

      Mosin stripper clips question

      I load mine manually, I've hurt myself trying to use strippers. Just less fuss in my opinion, plus it's not as though it takes a long time to load.
    5. Fionnros


      I would recommend having both a male and female instructor, just in case. Because even though it might not be common, sexism runs on the female side as well. They just know how to hide it better. I've run into a woman who didn't think other women had anything to add to society outside cooking...
    6. Fionnros


      Hey gals, Hubby Bart_man said I needed to pop on and post. So here I am. I grew up in a bit of a sexist home. Even though my grandfather had a number of rifles, and my aunts shot at birds and other vermin off of the cherry trees, that kind of behavior was not encouraged by my father. I think it...
    7. Fionnros

      The Continuing AR Wood Quest

      Thanks guys! I'm looking forward to our next build. :brows: I bet that tiger wood would look awesome as a plum. :party29:
    8. Fionnros

      The Continuing AR Wood Quest

      Well we finally got it done. I called it the purple pirate once, it stuck. So now it's name is "Purple Pirate". :D
    9. Fionnros

      Freestate Youth Sports Marksmanship Club- Harford area-

      So, yeah...we so didn't make that. LOL Bart and I were just so tired, that by the time 5pm came rolling around we didn't feel like leaving the couch, little alone leaving the house. I do have the dates down, and we plan our energy better. Glad you guys had fun!
    10. Fionnros

      Freestate Youth Sports Marksmanship Club- Harford area-

      We wouldn't be able to do the 9am Sunday match, but I'm not too worried, since we'll probably be there all the other times. ;)
    11. River


    12. Fionnros

      MD SHALL Issue in 2012?

      I agree with "I wish, I hope, but not holding breath". Even if we get more politician's in office who agree with us, there's no way they'll work THAT fast.
    13. Fionnros

      AK-47 damage

      Yeah, I'd start drinking after that too. :shocked4:
    14. Fionnros

      Freestate Youth Sports Marksmanship Club- Harford area-

      He did, he had an absolute ball. Thanks for doing that. He asked me the next morning when we were going shooting again. LOL I think he's going to be Bart's biggest gun kid yet. :party29:
    15. Fionnros

      Concealed-Carry Myths

      I would love to be able to do this, but I have 3 boys. One is special needs. So I don't think I'll be able to keep by my bed. And I don't have my carry, so I don't think I'll be able to leave my property.
    16. Fionnros

      Concealed-Carry Myths

      You know, I keep my gun in a holster in the gun safe, the loaded magazine in the little pocket the holster has. I also have 2 very protective great danes. I'm wondering if I should keep the loaded magazine in the gun and not in the pocket.
    17. Fionnros

      Freestate Youth Sports Marksmanship Club- Harford area-

      It's Riley's birthday, but we'll all be there. Well that's the plan any ways.
    18. Fionnros

      Obama Plannning Second Term Attack on Gun Owners

      Interesting. I guess the whole "make bills public before signing them", didn't really pan out.
    19. Fionnros

      Harford Sheriff Recommends No Guns in Home

      I have kids. I have guns. I keep my guns in a safe. Ammo in a different place My kids have toy guns. Nerf, bright fluorescent colored ones. They are NOT allowed to point any weapon what so ever at another person or animal (i.e. dog). My kids participate with a local youth marksman club (when we...
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