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      Anne Arundel First Alert - Accidental Shooting at 2600 Block of Annapolis Road (Cindy's?)

      Have they ruled out the possibility that it was an accident ?
    2. T

      Colt M1911A1 bite

      I love those hammers on a 1911. They are getting hard to find.
    3. T

      Smith & Wesson’s new rifle

      I was thinking how much Marlin was ahead of the the times.
    4. T

      Hornady reloading manual

      There is a lot of good free data here, They have changed the website since I last used it but once you figure it out there is a treasure trove of information. And more here...
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      College Park has Changed!

      As far back as I can remember, it was always a ********.
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      Saint Firearms in Essex Burglarized last night

      They might try to pawn the Winchester and the rolling block but most likely the other three will end up as murder weapons downtown.
    7. T

      PSA 3 station progressive reloader…

      As a long time fan of Lee's single stage stuff, I'd say go set-up the the Dillon, you will be happy.
    8. T

      Marlin-Ballard .22? What exactly is this?

      Very cool rifle, looks like it's in great condition too.
    9. T

      Bambi Whacking 2023-2024

      I like that, I think I would go with the Hot Pink for even less chance of blend in with leaves. I still grieve over knives I lost years ago.
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      .22LR semi-auto which brand ?

      I've been really happy with my Ruger Mark iiii , that is when I can get it out of my wife's hands. I also have the LCP II in 22lr and it has never missed a beat with any brand ammo. It make a nice little boot gun.
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      Dillon No BS Warranty

      I stepped up to a Dillon 550C last year and I no regrets at all. It made reloading fun again.
    12. T

      In the Slower, it takes 5+ DUI to even get noticed!

      IDK there were no mug shot pictures, but the judges in Snow Hill must have thought so. She was a lower shore local.
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      In the Slower, it takes 5+ DUI to even get noticed!

      There was a story in the OC Dispatch a couple weeks age where the young woman caused a head on collision on Rt. 50 . I believe she had 8 DUI charges in the last 4 years.
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      Trump visits a gun store in SC

      It's too bad some people actually believe the rubbish that the State Media spews every day.
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      Ocean City Bike Week 2023

      After owning a place in OC and being there for several bike weeks I can say it's one of the better weeks down there. Riding ten miles of Coastal Hwy surrounded by bikes of all kinds, and everyone courteous to each other is a rare event there. Of course if you don't ride, you just don't get it.
    16. T

      44 mag or 45-70 Lever gun ?

      I've got a nice ported Marlin 45-70 I've been thinking about letting go. My hunting days are over. keep your eye's on the classifieds in next few days.
    17. T

      fishing with plastic worms and frogs?

      My brother could sit on the edge of a pond or small boat and cast an 8" rubber worm all day long. He had some nice 10lb bass trophy's to show for it. I loose patients if I don't catch anything after the first 30 minutes.
    18. T

      DE AG Going after Cabela's for Half Million Rounds of Ammo Stolen

      The sad part is that's the same mentality of most Maryland Democrats, it's coming your way soon. Edit to add: It's already here as they blamed all the gun shop owners for their stores being blown-up and robed.
    19. T

      357 Magnum versus 38 Special

      I always like when these questions come up.... Revolver vs Semi . There always good arguments for both. One thing I like about a revolver, if you have to use it in an unpleasant, less then perfect situation, the revolver doesn't throw shell cases with finger prints or other incriminating...
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      Thompson Class 3 Value & Transfer

      I'm sure some here will offer you a few hundred for it.
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