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    1. J

      PSG Armory social media feed

      Is that on the Rifle list?
    2. J

      2023 Used Gun Thread

    3. J

      Attempted robbery at ATM didn't go well for crooks

      I love a story with a happy ending.
    4. J

      Anti-2A CA Rep Has Her Guns Stolen

      In all likelihood a dirt bag relative stole them to use in crimes and she’s covering her ass.
    5. Ammo for Sale

      For sale Ammo for Sale

      2 Full Boxes of 45 G.A.P. Winchester Ranger 230 Gr. Bonded Hollowpoint $60 per box or both for $100.
      $60.00 to $100.00
    6. J

      Where Do You Store Powders?

      If you wanted to buy more than 5 pounds who sells these licenses? State? County? Fire department?
    7. J

      Brass trade thread.

      I’ll swing by Friday afternoon if that’s good.
    8. J

      Brass trade thread.

      Southern Md Area I have small quantities of the following: 17 - 45 Long Colt 5 - 460 S&W 20 - 50 AE 4 - 300 WIN MAG - Nickel Plated Looking to trade all or part for brass in any of the following: 30:30 WIN 30:06 SPR 44 MAG 44 SPL
    9. J

      Question by 'J1911' on classified ad '223 Bullets'

      Didn’t see this ad until now. Do you have 75s left?
    10. J

      Brass trade thread.

      I have some 9 mm or a little bit of 45 to trade for a few Pieces of 3030 brass. St. Mary’s County area. Thanks.
    11. J

      Does Maryland now require background check through FFL for ALL private transfers?

      I searched the forums and could not locate a thread dedicated to it.
    12. J

      Brass trade thread.

      Looking for 50-60 pieces of 44SPL and 44MAG Brass. St. Marys County Area. I have a bit of 45acp brass I can trade. 150 pieces or so.
    13. J

      Antifa To March Alongside Pro-Gun In VA

      AntiFa will make the worst outcome come true.
    14. J

      Harvard Gun Control Survey - HIT IT!

      That's so they can release the result they want.
    15. J

      VA HB 4021 Assult weapons ban

      Fed Jobs, Illegals and Maryland Migrants.
    16. J

      Beto comes right out and says it.

      Spread out over 2,959,000 square miles.
    17. J

      What was your first .22 rimfire?

      Marlin 39A as well... and I still have it.
    18. J

      How many calibers do you own?

      Basic Stuff Only 22LR .223/5.56 .308WIN 30:30 30:06 .303Brit .38 .357MAG 9mm .44MAG .45ACP
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