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      Liberty Tree - District 32

      I know a lot of people think DeGrange should be tossed for his cloture vote. When you look at the rest of his voting record I think it is going to be difficult to communicate that rationale to the masses. Love, on the other hand, is a much more vulnerable one since her votes across the board...
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      And so it starts.....again

      I've cringed every time I've seen or heard the words uttered "but handguns are most of the crime, not rifles." All that line does is give them the ability to next year say that "even the pro gun people admit handguns are the real problem so we need to work on that now." Careful what is said...
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      District 32

      Like many it seems, I am new here. I'm in District 32 where all but one, Delegate Love, voted against SB281. Is there anyone else also in 32 that has any idea if there are any moderate democrats with a chance of unseating Delegate Love in the 2014 primary at this point? I also recall in the...
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