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    1. TheWhiteBuffalo

      Gun smith shops

      S&S did a great job on my buddy's wore out H&R .22LR pistol. Extremely fair pricing and great work. The firearm was a worn out disaster and they saved it.
    2. TheWhiteBuffalo

      Ammo sales - Run on ammo?

      I've been a long time SG customer. That's all changed after the attempt at creating a panic with the drama filled email blasts. I've been buying elsewhere.
    3. TheWhiteBuffalo

      AK-style 12ga - $250

      Thanks. I had the two magazines, the round device which must be the charging handle protector, and the installed chamber flag. I didn't see a choke tool, but that doesn't bother me too much, as I only shoot 00 buck.
    4. TheWhiteBuffalo

      AK-style 12ga - $250

      I'm really impressed with the quality of this shotgun. It's heavy, but seems to be of pretty good quality. I went back to buy a second, but it's sold out. In the box, it came with two mags and some sort of round plastic piece. Dumb question, but what is that for?
    5. TheWhiteBuffalo

      AK-style 12ga - $250

      Ordered. Thanks!
    6. TheWhiteBuffalo

      Charter Arms Pathfinder Target

      Your timing is perfect. I was finally able to shoot the Pathfinder earlier today for the first time. I was using Norma Tac-22 and my experience was exactly like yours, it was consistently about 2" too high. I'm going to take the advice from this thread and move the rear sight and try again...
    7. TheWhiteBuffalo

      Ammo sales - Run on ammo?

      Watch 22LR, that's where the panic buying always begins.
    8. TheWhiteBuffalo


      It was hidden on the website, but here it is.
    9. TheWhiteBuffalo

      Food storage vs conditions

      When the SHTF, barter it off in a trade.
    10. TheWhiteBuffalo

      Safe Dehumidifier - Aldi $9.99

      Thanks for posting this. I have 4 or 5 in a large safe, but can always justify having a few more on hand. My only advice to everyone is to monitor them when you are renewing them (plugging them in). They get warm and I’ve seen several posts on Amazon relating to fires. Just be careful with them...
    11. TheWhiteBuffalo

      RIP my friend

      The user "Unknown" registered in 2010. The victim was 23 years old. I doubt he was a 13 year old gun advocate when he registered. Not sure why the post was so cryptic, but probably not the same person. Prayers sent for the unfortunate loss of life.
    12. TheWhiteBuffalo

      Charter Arms Pathfinder Target

      Not much to report as of yet. I’m a guy who hasn’t shot anything in many years and have no place to give it a good test. I’m currently looking to purchase a piece of property just for plinking, but there is not much on the market and what is available is big $$$.
    13. TheWhiteBuffalo

      Charter Arms Pathfinder Target

      You guys motivated me to find a target revolver to play with, on my limited budget. Someone in this rimfire section commented on the Pathfinder being a good, cheap alternative to the Smith & Wesson. I ended up finding one online for about $400, they seem to be out of stock at reputable retailers...
    14. TheWhiteBuffalo

      Norma 9mm 108 GRAIN MHP $6.99/20 at PSA

      Thanks. I bought some of the .380 at the same price.
    15. TheWhiteBuffalo

      S&W .38 copy? Origin?

      That is great information, thank you for taking the time to help out! I really appreciate it!
    16. TheWhiteBuffalo

      S&W .38 copy? Origin?

      I'm turning to the pros on this one for some history or thoughts on this .38 Special. Originally, I thought it was a Smith & Wesson, but I finally took a closer look and saw it was stamped "FN". I know it must be older then dirt, and it's really beat, but I still find these type of weapons to be...
    17. TheWhiteBuffalo

      Southern MD stuffed ham????

      I would agree 100%. The quality of the chicken and the taste is not the same anymore.
    18. TheWhiteBuffalo

      PA 97 to Gettysburg

      I had a friend that sold junk out of two mobile homes on 97 in Littlestown. He passed away about ten years ago. I would visit him often and pass by that General store. Very sad.
    19. TheWhiteBuffalo

      Guns you regret

      I've never seen this one before. Very cool, in an odd way. Almost a keeper because it's ugly cool. I must resist, I have a terrible rimfire obsession and collect way too much stuff.
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