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    1. lyman1903

      Michelle Obama as President: Effect on gun rights

      that gave me a headache and heartburn,
    2. lyman1903

      No4 Mk2 goes to the range!

      how are you liking your new range vs the old one? and do the trap shooters mind you shooting around them ?:D
    3. lyman1903

      kahr arms pistols

      bought and sold a few (in the biz) but never kept one for myself, did have a friend (RIP) that loved them, the Stainless all steel guns are bricks, if it matters in this discussion, the Kahr's in general are a tough resell, folks that buy them, obviously know what they are, but a lot...
    4. lyman1903

      Nations Gun Show @ Dulles Expo July 22, 23 and 24

      there may be 2 or 4 vendors doing Kydex, if that is what they are looking for, there is a vendor that is in the north hall at the back archway, that sells a lot of brand name holsters, belts, etc ammo, will be everywhere, use the ammoseek app or website to get a price and surf around...
    5. lyman1903

      Nations Gun Show @ Dulles Expo June 17-19th 2022

      we drove up into Maryland to pick up an estate Sat after the show, took almost an hour to get to the river, then another hour to get to the place (just west of Baltimore) nightmare traffic,, but typical, apparently, for a Sat afternoon/evening, picked up a MG and some other stuff a...
    6. lyman1903

      Nations Gun Show @ Dulles Expo June 17-19th 2022

      I have seen your tables, I think the last couple you were sorta near the cafe, ? I'll have tables in our normal spot, North Hall (new side) just inside the front archway, tucked in the corner between the arch and the electrical closet
    7. lyman1903

      Get Home Bag

      I keep telling myself I need to pack a Get Home bag but never seem to get to it, current commute is 30 miles one way, and across a river, (the James in RVA) I did pack one a few times during the 'peaceful protests' over the past couple years, but that was simple, extra mags for the pistol...
    8. lyman1903

      current ATF wait time

      as a FFL/SOT wait times have be fairly steady, bought a Thompson in Jan, had the gun and paperwork (mailed in, form 4 to transfer to us, now a Form 3) in about 40 days, currently waiting on 3 that are in limbo do to some issues, as in they are estate owned, and the hoops (death cert...
    9. lyman1903

      Hello from VA

      you might want to change that location sir, :beer:
    10. lyman1903

      Hello from VA

      Absolutely, they do more in a week then the NRA does in a year (saying that as a life member)
    11. lyman1903

      Hello from VA

      I've been told many times about this site from a MD resident and thought I would join, thanks for letting me in
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