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    1. S

      Feedback posted by slowpoke on Horseman308

      Seller's description was accurate, easy meet-up.
    2. Burris Fullfield E1 3-9x40mm Riflescope, 30mm Tube.

      Question by 'slowpoke' on classified ad 'Burris Fullfield E1 3-9x40mm Riflescope, 30mm Tube.'

      good morning - where are you located?
    3. S

      2022 Pennzoil oil rebate

      Nice deal, also saw this on slickdeals. Got the Ultra 0W20 from, if I don't screw up it should net to 2.55/quart.
    4. S

      Bambi Whacking 2021-2022

      You def did a favor. But that rack is really interesting.
    5. S

      Bambi Whacking 2021-2022

      Yeah, I crept up on him like a ninja :)
    6. S

      Bambi Whacking 2021-2022

      I don't either. But I will probably bury the skull in the backyard for a few months and do a european mount on the cheap.
    7. S

      Bambi Whacking 2021-2022

      Or shortsighted - I'm typing challenged too! 30 yards I meant to say.
    8. S

      Bambi Whacking 2021-2022

      Not a wall-hanger, but he'll put meat in the freezer. Shot from about 3 yards, the Rocky Mountain Warhead left me a nice trail to follow for maybe 100 yards. Bolt recovered 20 yards from where he ran out of steam.
    9. S

      Mr Heater - Buddy Heater at Walmart $69

      Been meaning to get one of these for a while for working in the garage and sitting in a cold blind. Seems like a pretty sweet deal today.
    10. S

      Buried deer head

      I did this a couple years ago. Wrapped the rack in aluminum foil to try to keep the rodents off and covered the spot with plastic storage box weighted down with bricks. left it buried about 8 months. I think I just hosed it off when I dug it up.
    11. S

      M&P Shield

      My first handgun purchase was a CZ75B. Love it, but also have a Shield, and with a few thousand rounds through it, think it shoots pretty well too. Recommend you hit a range that rents handguns and try them out. Take the NRA Pistol class too if you've not had any formal instruction, its not...
    12. S

      Where to live / retire near Virginia Beach

      Have a bud who lives in Chesapeake. Really nice area, though he's about to ditch Virginia for retirement near the Villages. Proximity to health care is key as we get up there. That said, near Charlottesville would be a great spot. It's changed a lot since I went there 30 years ago, but still...
    13. S

      Feedback posted by slowpoke on Bertfish

      Nice guy, great communication Nice guy helped with loading
    14. S

      Under Bed Gun Safes

      This is also a solid option. I have mine mounted in a cedar chest.
    15. S

      Help me choose a new large caliber suppressor

      Appreciate everyone's thoughts. Silencerco has also confirmed for me that my Octane is good for 44Mag with a 16" barrel, so I think the Omega 36M is where I will probably land to get me into the 350 game. Now I just have to find one.
    16. S

      Help me choose a new large caliber suppressor

      I have a Mask 22, Octane 45 HD, and Omega 30 already in my hands. But I'm looking for something to handle bigger centerfire - dreaming of a 350 Legend or maybe 44Mag for straight-wall hunting. Silencerco told me my Octane 45 will be ok with subsonic 350 Legend, but still thinking I want...
    17. S

      friggin MVA

      This link is working ok for me.
    18. S

      Andy Harris stopped by House metal detector

      He would have gotten through with one of those "undetectable" ghost guns...
    19. S

      Pistol vault This one is my favorite.
    20. S

      30-06 Bolt Gun Recommendations Continued

      I have a Tikka Superlight I picked up at Cabela's about 5 years ago. Love that rifle. Never missed with it.
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