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    1. Tankfixr

      Have you ever found one of these old survey markers

      There are quite a few on the Furnace Bay/ Stump's Point shore line in the Perryville Community Park.
    2. Tankfixr

      Livescan vendor experience

      Absolute Investivgative Services in Bel Air today. Appointments only at this time. One person working one machine. Took about and hour with four folks in front of me.
    3. Tankfixr

      Christiana DE question

      You would be correct...It was defiantly Millers.
    4. Tankfixr

      Are gun stores our friends ??

      Just for the record, That was Miller's Gun Shop on 13 in New Castle. I work in Wilmington and sometimes drive by. The place is still doing a business if the parking lot is any indicator. Folks just don't know or care what crap they pulled...but I remember.
    5. Tankfixr

      freezer in garage?

      The garage should pose no problem. Had an upright in my garage for years in the heat of North Carolina summers without a hiccup.
    6. Tankfixr

      Dog training

      I remember those days. From "What a cute pup." to "Thank God, the little monster is sleeping!"
    7. Tankfixr

      Dog training

      Congrats on the new pup. I'm not in Howard County so I really can't recommend any training facilities there. On a high note, you couldn't have gotten a better time of year to pick up a new pup. Ton's of things are going on this time of year to get her accustomed to the world she will be...
    8. Tankfixr

      Pa Assembly bill mandatory gun registration

      Small world, I was born in Wilkes-Barre and raised in Hanover Township. Like you I have seen the Commonwealth change a lot since those days.
    9. Tankfixr

      Hello from Aberdeen

      Welcome neighbor.
    10. Tankfixr

      Cabelas getting sued for Straw Purchase This article appeared in the Wilmington Paper today. The shooters will be retried due to a mistrial. The boyfriend got 27 mos. There is absolutely no mention...
    11. Tankfixr

      School me on North Carolina Carry

      Norton, Check out "CCW" app for your smart phone. If you are going to carry state to state it will be the best $1.99 you ever spent.
    12. Tankfixr

      Catholic gun poll

    13. Tankfixr

      1903A1 sniper

    14. Tankfixr

      what is the most usuable 19th century rifle to buy.

      Damn, missed a page. LOL
    15. Tankfixr

      what is the most usuable 19th century rifle to buy.

      Don't forget the Argentine Mauser Modelo 1891. Still can be had for a reasonable price. 7.65 X 53 is still available from Privi. Quite a rifle from the craftsmen at Lowe in Berlin.
    16. Tankfixr

      Let nature deal with it or intervene?

      Personally, I'd put it down.
    17. Tankfixr

      Your first centerfire

      1971 Marlin 1894 in 44mag. Still in my safe.
    18. Tankfixr

      Lost my avatar today

      To hell with "show quality." It's the muscle between his ears and the one that beats in his chest is the most important in any dog. Congrats and many long years to come.
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