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      Mailing firearm parts

      Pretty sad we have a 2 page thread on how to mail gun parts. :eek:
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      Double Whammy

      A response like this is about as useful as telling people to "move". The grass may look greener on the otherside, but it still has to be mowed.
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      MSP Wait Times - 60+ Days

      I filled out paperwork march 1st and 15th. Nothing.
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      30 days an still waiting

      I just got the call today to pick up some items from January... 8 weeks transfer time.
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      Thank you

      The support is very much appreciated. THANK YOU!
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      foxnews article "Some parts of the governor's bill will be tweaked," Miller said. "Some parts might be omitted, but we're going to move forward with a gun package in the Senate." :mad54:
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      Open tomorrow?

      Anyone know if engage is open tomorrow? (1/1/2013)?
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      notary in Frederick, MD?

      Good Evening - Any members who happen to be in the Frederick area and are notary public? Drop me a PM if so. Thanks!
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      Engage Armament, Kensington MD

      Great place. I bought a trident 9 from them last summer.
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      Holster P220R SAO

      very nice. Thanks Jeep!
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      Holster P220R SAO

      I have one of the government overrun Sig P220R SAO pistols. Can anyone recommend a CC holster (prefer leather) that will fit this firearm? I'm thinking the galco P229 w/ rail holster would fit...however I'd rather not spend $100 on a hunch. Thanks in advance.
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      Norton's end of the year challenge to MDShooters

      upped my membership to endowment level about a month ago.
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      Help picking out Class 3

      F/A + save on ammo costs.....?
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      Hoping to buy a 308/FAL, could use help.

      as DRMsparks mentioned watch the marketplace section on falfiles. DSA (like everyone else) has gotten so many orders that since the election the orders that come in for one day equal 2 months of production (!). I would say look for a kit/receiver and have it built...however receivers are...
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      CNN Report on Assault Weapon Sales

      Here's a better idea. Do both.
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      Title II and 922r

      I know what I need to be in compliance...that wasnt my question. Its just a really primo kit that I dont want to pull anything out of...nothing more, nothing less. I'm trying to keep it as original as possible.
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      Title II and 922r

      I've heard both yes and no on this.... Anyone know for sure and better yet, point to some documentation that supports your answer? Basically I'd like to know if I form 1 a receiver, can I avoid 922R requirements since once approved I'm bound by NFA? I'm asking as I have a beauty of a Brit...
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      New in Baltimore City
    19. N

      New in Baltimore City

      Welcome!! Did you bring any G1 FAL parts with you? :) I shoot at a really nice range just west of Baltimore. You are more than welcome to join me sometime.
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