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      Looking for a Good Car Detailer in the Frederick Area

      Thanks, for the suggestions. I reached out to Harvey at 4th Dimension. Taneytown is not too far, I'll reach out to that guy as well. Please send the contact info. Thank you.
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      Looking for a Good Car Detailer in the Frederick Area

      The wife wants her 4Runner detailed for a birthday present. Anyone have any positive experience with any of the local detailers? Mobile Detailers would work too. Thanks,
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      EDC Backpacks, pack outs etc.

      I don’t carry a firearm in my backpack but I do have the Alpha One Niner Evade 1.5 full pack and it’s seriously nice. There are tons of online reviews for most any good backpack - easy to go int analysis paralysis.
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      Post 6/23/2022 MD Wear & Carry Permit Application

      This tripped me up as well. I don't recall ever having the Member -4 version. I had to request a copy from the national archives.
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      NYC CCW case is at SCOTUS!

      Totally agree. the picture matched the mental image I had in my head listening to her struggle through the hearing. ETA:, I did, however, incorrectly assume she was blond.
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      Support VCDL Lobby Day

      Just saw live video of Jeff leading a chant on his bull horn on Breitbart's live stream! Excellent job!
    7. C

      Guncrafter stainless Frag .45

      I love those sights.
    8. C

      MDA Pearl necklace at hearings?

      So, this had nothing to do with Mardi Gras? That’s when all my plastic beads come out of storage.
    9. C

      Maryland Shall Issue ® - Update - 3/8/12

      1 of 365. Still waiting on my official application denial letter from MSP.
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      PP: Wed. GUN BILL CALL!

      As a long time reader of this forum, I’ve read statements like this many times. I don’t doubt the accuracy of the statement. Where, though, can I find more information about what info MD does not share with NICS and the rational behind it? Many people non gun folks I talk to are unconvinced when...
    11. C

      PP: Wed. GUN BILL CALL!

      I’m in the same boat. One day away from work was all I could manage. I wish you folks well tomorrow and I’ll be glued to this forum for updates.
    12. C

      HB 786 Text Interpretation ?

      5-207(N) THE SECRETARY MAY ADOPT REGULATIONS TO CARRY OUT THE PROVISIONS OF THIS SECTION. Comment: given the 54 testimonies against HB0092 Monday night, I think this would be rather unacceptable.
    13. C

      HB 786 Text Interpretation ?

      5-204.1.(C)(1) BEFORE A TRANSFER IS CONDUCTED, THE TRANSFEROR AND TRANSFEREE SHALL MEET JOINTLY WITH A LICENSEE AND REQUEST THAT THE LICENSEE FACILITATE THE TRANSFER. Question: If this is taken literally, wouldn't it effectively put an end to any non face to face sale such as an internet sale...
    14. C

      Tomorrow in Annapolis

      The system does suck. If you accidentally hit the big blue next button rather then the small black next page arrow, you can always hit the Start Over button. It’s a pain in the ass but better than missing the opportunity to speak on a bill that’s important to you.
    15. C

      PLEASE take 5 min to oppose House Bill 612 and Senate Bill 737

      Done. Hope to stand with you fine people tomorrow.
    16. C

      Just going to leave this here

      There is some epic BS propaganda in that publication.
    17. C

      Federick gun show Jan 20th and 21st

      Congrats on the new pistol and welcome to MDShoters!
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      Pelican Gun Cases are Deal of the Day on Amazon

      Just ordered a case. Thanks.
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