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    1. Mitutoyo Calipers  40" and 60"

      For sale Mitutoyo Calipers 40" and 60"

      I've got 2 Mitutoyo calipers that I have no need for any longer. Retired/unemployed. They are both carbon fiber beams and have ports for accessory cables. One is 40"/1000mm, the other is 60"/1500mm. Both have wooden cases, the larger case only has one functioning clasp. The wire bails are...
      $1,400.00 to $1,600.00
    2. Muggs

      HGP Hold

      The back of most wrapping paper is white. Doesn't every home have a roll? Or three. Or a closet full.
    3. Muggs

      SB387 "Public Safety - Untraceable Firearms" - The Ban on Private Firearm Making

      The way I see it, for every Polymer 80 a criminal has, there is an equal number of guns not being stolen. Plus the economy is stimulated by all those gun parts to complete the 80%frame.
    4. Muggs

      RIA .22tcm/9mm combi 1911

      I've had one for 8 years and haven't had any issues either. It would be nice to see other brands chambered in that.
    5. Muggs


      involuntarily celibate. I only have known this for a few weeks myself. After reading a story about a guy who blew a hand off and some fingers of his other hand. Also had shrapnel wounds to his face and neck. Basically because cheerleaders wouldn't date him.
    6. Muggs

      Spices and Seasonings

      I made chicken thighs yesterday and realized I have no jerk seasoning. I just placed an order from conyeager Got some more that I know I'm low on, too. Their Mojo spice is great on pork.
    7. Muggs

      new MD C&R rule ?

      In all that mess, I couldn't find a link to buy anything from him.
    8. Muggs

      What to do with all this brass.

      Back in early April I scrapped 15 pounds of cartridge brass. $1.50/pound. In Cumberland. It was a mix of rimfire and centerfire with primers.
    9. Muggs

      Feedback for MD Parks

      Maryland: Land Preservation and Recreation Survey Now Open I got this today. I believe its similar to the survey mentioned. You can't be heard if you don't speak up.
    10. Muggs

      Trigger Guard for old SXS

      I have this one, which seems to be a reasonable match. The pictures are on 1/4" graph paper, so you can determine if it is or not. Keep in mind the tang could be bent slightly from what you have. This is from a pile of trigger guards I bought, trying to find one for a SXS I was repairing.
    11. Muggs

      $100 Giveaway

      Why not. I'm in.
    12. Muggs

      .22 LR Ammo I've recently ordered other ammo from them, with great service. They have lots of other 22 available.
    13. Muggs

      Aquiring guns via storage unit auction

      I go to storage auctions frequently. Never bought any though. Only one had any visible firearms. Before the bidding started, it was stated that they were included, but would go to a local dealer to do a legal transfer of them. Even guns I've bought at estate auctions are transferred by a...
    14. Muggs

      Which 17HMR - Ruger American or Savage 93?

      I've got a BTVSS and a BVSS. Both shoot equally well. I've not had any issues with them. I also have a BSEV in 22lr. Its feels good in your hands, in a comfortable kind of way. Some people don't like "the look", others say "its a pretty gun".
    15. Muggs

      Range pics thread

      Took a brief trip to Greenridge tonight and got this 10 shot group. The first two shots are the extreme left and right holes. Its a reasonably well done bubba'd K31. Glass bedded and free floated barrel. Shooting surplus ammo.
    16. Muggs

      Mueller APV and Crossfire II Owners

      I've got three Muellers and should get another for the Marlin model 60. I think they're a good value. I've paid $124 to $134 for mine, over a four year time span.
    17. Muggs

      Failure to fire: savage .17hmr

      Only issue I've had with Hornady 17g is slpit necks on the cases. Before they're shot. Works fine in my bolt action Savages, but not well at all in my Taurus Tracker.
    18. Muggs

      Receiver mounted rail for 10/22 stainless

      You mentioned see through. Do you mean like NcStar MRUHS1022? Its available on Amazon as well as other places.
    19. Muggs

      Well Worn 1953 Browning A5

      Thanks BlackBart. Apparently its 1932.
    20. Muggs

      Well Worn 1953 Browning A5

      My pre-war A5 has lost a fair amount of blue. I think its fine that way. I do think its odd that people look down on reblued or touched up guns. In the Browning owners manual even states its value will be higher. BlackBart, How did you pin it down to 1938? I've only been able to get "in...
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