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    1. K

      Cans? Not suppressors but forward focused muzzle device.

      They are hard to search for because most of the choices are about suppressors. A can on a 10.5 barrel looks tacticool. But they add about 2 inches to the overall length. Are they worth while over a regular bird cadge.
    2. K

      I'm considering a 6.5 Grendel upper.

      Had to go check the stats on the six before saying something completely uninformed. I still prefer the Grendel because of the bigger bullet. It feels like a more functional choice than going for the 458 socom. At this time. Still have a bit of an issue with the 5.56 being so tiny. I'd like to...
    3. K

      I'm considering a 6.5 Grendel upper.

      I'm looking at Atheris. It seems nearly all barrel are stainless steel. After reading the difference and admitting to myself that I will not likely ever be able to shoot enough to absolutely need carbon steel. I'm ok with it. Though I will want the barrel ceracoated to hide the shine. I'm torn...
    4. K

      Ammo & Gun Tax Proposal

      I've been considering an UPs Store mailbox. Gives you a real address and receives package deliveries and USMail. It's a matter of how much gas it takes to get there.
    5. K

      How many loaded mags do you all have ready?

      Just the one I sleep with. If I slept.
    6. K

      Federal 5.56 62gr softpoint at Bonefrog.

      Limited Quantity Remaining - 5.56 62GR Federal Tactical Bonded (XM556SBCT3) The numbers look good but this sounds like bulk ammo so it long range accuracy seems questionable. I'm thinking I'd stick with Speer GD in slightly slower 223. But I'm curious about what others think.
    7. K


      What is that, about like a chicken wing? Considering 2000 cal. a day.
    8. K


      When I think of eating squirrels. The things that come to mind are that it takes 23 a day to feed o person. And rat traps nailed to trees work great til all the squirrels are gone. Oh, and that they're crawling with mites until the frost.
    9. K

      Westminster airport - lots of traffic 20-Dec-2023

      *Reminiscing* In my day. The pattern at FDK was 5 NM out with 152's all doing about 65k. With gear up the Arrow is at 90. I had to pass two before pushing back in for base and resetting for landing.. I started with a 150 commuter for 22/hr, dry.
    10. K

      AR-15 Ejection Pattern problems/ Overgassed

      Hmm. I have at least two that eject forward like that. I'm just getting around to being curious why. My only problem with it is that it makes it a bit harder to find the cases forward of the fire line. My Colts all eject far over my right shoulder.
    11. K

      Water Tap Wrenches?

      I have one of those crossed water tap wrenches that is supposed to fit the square lug on water taps that are in public access. Everywhere I've tried it. it turns out, it's a little too small. Does anyone have experience with these?
    12. K

      What is your favorite AR15 caliber?

      My biggest issue is availability of mags and cartridges. I always liked the 6.8 but it just looked like everyone wanted it to be a dead cartridge. The 6.5 Grendel looks great except mags seem to be limited to 7 rounds. The 300BO appeals to me but only with 10-12 in. barrels. The one I'm leaning...
    13. K

      How to set up a new upper and choose a LPVS

      I have a standard Colt. It has an Aimpoint PRO. I like red dot rifles to have a flash light mounted but haven't added one because the hand guard doesn't make that easy. So that lowers it for a grab and go when I have another choice. So I picked a Colt upper with a medium profile barrel and an...
    14. K

      18" AR10 Long Range Scope Recommendations

      A Vortex Viper PST Gen II 5-25x50mm on a repr with 20 in. heavy barrel works great but the whole set weighs a "ton". I'm considering a smaller scope to make it more portable. A 6x acog was a bad choice entirely.
    15. K

      Amateur Radio FAQ

      Trying to install 50w mobile. Should I be looking for a way to get directly to the battery or maybe I can find power access already in the cabin?
    16. K

      If Russia acts a fool. When to leave the DMV?

      Not after O'bama unilaterally de-mirved our missiles. They have also adopted a "ride it out" policy and will not launch on warning. They seem to expect a limited attack on military targets. They will then negotiate with retaliation on the cities with the lighter weapons from subs. They're...
    17. K

      Maryland Project Appleseed 2022 Thread

      I knew this was coming as much as I knew I'd miss it. This is a goal of mine but I'm horribly wishywashy making "go" decisions. I'm not that far away. Have two boxes of 22 lr and a rifle with GI strap. Though the 3-9 scope has me hesitant. It seems I only have two chances a year at this. Sooner...
    18. K

      Who ships automatic knives to MD?

      Haven't tried in a few years. My experience has been that most will ship unless they state up front that they require an official letter head. They all state it's up to you to obey your state laws about possession and carry.
    19. K

      Time to address the issue of repeat felons

      If you look at it from an end goal position. There has been a growing faction of people who have gained power who want to end the capitalist frame work and seize total power through taking control of who can and can't prosper. There hasn't been a plan to over turn the gov'ment without a black...
    20. K

      The Case For A Single Caliber

      Always figured if I went mechanized. I'd grab 2 big50 cans .223 and 2 50 cans .40. But I failed to get any place to go to. And failed to find 3 others with the same thinking. So no fire team. Gas for vehicles will soon be rationed either to save the planet, or because China has taken Taiwan...
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