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    1. jindodog

      A Mosin went for $3,000 on Gunbroker today.

      Update: Buyer has reneged on this and numerous other auctions, lots of brand new "F" feedbacks.
    2. jindodog

      WWI rifles

      Interesting stock on the M91 mosin. What kind of sling slots does it have on the front and rear?
    3. jindodog

      Svt40 questions

      All is well here. My collecting has slowed but I still like to check in to keep tabs on all the neat stuff you guys dig up. It's a vicarious thrill.:)
    4. jindodog

      Svt40 questions

      I await the revelation with great anticipation!
    5. jindodog

      C&R 22LR Rifles, whats out there?

      Here's one for you.. WZ 48 Polish trainer Mosin.
    6. jindodog

      Post Up Your Pups!

      Ha ha… first pic looks like he/she is decked out in a black tie tux.
    7. jindodog

      Anyone miss these days?

      Yep, I have brain spillover more and more it seems. You got me thinking though, for a smaller than usual show at that venue it did have some interesting C&R stuff there, including a Johnson. I agree prices were a little on the steep side but I never got down to any serious horse trading either...
    8. jindodog

      Just Got It NOW!

      Very nice indeed and just out of the Olympic trials serial numbers range. I would say the notches confirm your assertion that it is a good shooter. I think you got one up on your brother!
    9. jindodog

      Mosin Sniper FYI

      Ha ha, I always wondered if the the scope covers thing wasn't a bit of a stretch. The rough receiver is not typical of original sniper rifles either I understand.
    10. jindodog

      Jan 13-14 MD, Timonium

      The blade front sight is interesting indeed. Looking forward to the pictures.
    11. jindodog

      Jan 13-14 MD, Timonium

      I am waiting patiently to hear more about this strange mosin, Oldcarjunkie.
    12. jindodog

      Mosin Sniper FYI

      Note that the scopes pictured all have "domed" screws in the turret adjustment dials, repros have flush countersunk screws.
    13. jindodog

      Mosin Sniper FYI

      ... pretty sure hex receiver sling and what not." It wouldn't be a PU sniper with a hex receiver.
    14. jindodog

      Lost my avatar today

      Very sorry to hear this, hurts like hell but you stood by your loyal friend when he needed you most.
    15. jindodog

      NEW - Dundalk Gun Show August 27-28

      See post 181 of this thread.:)
    16. jindodog

      Post Up Your Pups!

      Moe, Larry and Curly! :lol2:
    17. jindodog

      Picked up a Weird Mosin-Nagant Today

      I'm thinking SCW even with the late date. Some where in my hazy memory I seem to recall a thread on one of the other collector sites where a 91/30 dated 1939 was being discussed as having possible SCW provenance. If I recall correctly, some pretty good arguments were made for the possibility of...
    18. jindodog

      Oaks Gun Show-December 20-22 1,200 tables!

      I have only been to Pat's and Geno's (yes, I ordered in English) and I am a slice man. Onions and hots to top it off.
    19. jindodog

      Oaks Gun Show-December 20-22 1,200 tables!

      Cheese Whiz or slices??:D
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