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    1. Fitztar

      Dewalt Protective Eyegear 50% off - $10.50

      Thanks, just placed an order.
    2. Ruger p89

      Question by 'Fitztar' on classified ad 'Ruger p89'

      Ruger p89 still available? Where is your preferred transfer gun shop ? Thanks Charlie
    3. Fitztar

      SKB Hard Golf Club Case

      If still available? I can use the golf case. Thanks
    4. Fitztar

      SKB Hard Golf Club Case

      Does it include your sticks ? Sorry to hear injuries are keeping you off the course.
    5. Mossberg 20gauge superbantam turkey

      Question by 'Fitztar' on classified ad 'Mossberg 20gauge superbantam turkey'

      Hello, Please send pictures to to 301-221-4246 (c). Thanks Charlie
    6. Fitztar

      Gun Commander Introduction

      Welcome, thank you sharing your years of experience and knowledge.
    7. Fitztar

      New guy

    8. Fitztar

      Hello From NC

    9. Fitztar


      Welcome :party29:
    10. Fitztar

      Access to the good stuff

    11. Nerf N-Strike Vulcan

      Reply to question by 'Fitztar' on the classified ad 'Nerf N-Strike Vulcan'

      Thanks for asking. Sale is pending a meet up. I'm in the College Park area if it doesn't work out
    12. Nerf N-Strike Vulcan

      For sale Nerf N-Strike Vulcan

      For sale A belt fed fully automatic nerf gun. The gun can shoot single shot or full auto. Capable of 3 rounds per second with a range of 100 feet. Will include the gun, tripod, one 25 round belt, six D cell batteries. Asking $75.00 obo. Thank you.
    13. Fitztar

      New member from Syracuse NY

      Welcome to MD shooters. My oldest went to LeMoyne (BS) than Syracuse (MS). Miss the warm bread from Columbus bakery.
    14. Fitztar

      Vintage Arborist Saw

      Pm sent
    15. Fitztar

      Divorce and pellet guns

      Sorry about the nasty divorce. My 9 year old son would enjoy a pellet gun. Try to stay positive. Thanks for the he generous offer.
    16. Fitztar

      13,350 post karma

      I am in, thank you.
    17. Fitztar

      Looking to Rent Land for Full Time Live In RV: edited req

      Cherry Hill campground in College Park MD Sits at the intersection of 95 and 495.
    18. Fitztar

      Way past 3k post karma

      karma I am in, flag looks great. Thank you
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