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      been out twice this morning, no snow yet. lol
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      Steam Locomotive : Best Family Experience

      just a note; western Maryland scenic is running diesel only. old steam engine out of service long term and new one not ready till who knows when.its a year past due. but the trip is a good one this time of year. Fall foilage is great this time of year. They also do dinner trains. First class
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      Add Florida to The Neighborhood?

      took the plunge last October and moved to florida. glad I did it. west coast , ft myers. very few progressives down here and don't care if you carry. only one thing, health care sucks!
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      Hap Baker, PCC ok on pistol range?

      rules are rules. that's what makes all this work
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      Hap Baker, worth membership

      funny thing, I was chief range officer at Hap for 14 years and don't remember seeing a stop watch anywhere or ever requiring my rso's to use one. the only thing I ever concerned myself with was YOUR SAFETY. after all, isn't that's what it's all about.
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      Hap Baker, worth membership

      once you buy a lifetime membership at Hap baker, it is good for life even if you move out of county or state for that matter
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      Opinions needed

      I have 2 ruger mark II's, a slabside target model and one with the 10" bull barrel. 15 and 22 years old respectively. never had a problem with either one of them. super accurate, quarter size groups at 20 yards. the slabside has almost 70,000 rounds through it and the 10" has around 40 to 50,000...
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      Timonium Fairgrounds Jan 16 & 17

      the show sucked, high prices, poor selection
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      Hap Baker range hours on Thanksgiving?

      Hap Baker closes at 1PM on thanksgiving day
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      where do you shoot green tip .223

      you sure can, allll day long
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      Hap Bakers needs 2 RSOs

      left over 2 months ago
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      what is longest range in MD?

      we 6 lanes that are 200 yds
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      Using a chronograph at the Hap Baker pistol range

      yes you can set one up, just talk to the rso first. he will show you how
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      Hap Baker Firearms Facility Update:

      just a reminder, the gates don't open until 9.30 AM
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      Hap Baker Firearms Facility Update:

      just a reminder guys, Hap Baker is pretty muddy so bring proper footwear.
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      Anyone try elmers glue slugs?

      hear hear ed
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      Hap Baker Firearms Facility Update:

      We are planning to be reopen Friday march 13th for our regular schedule, fri thru sun until april 1st. then we go to our full time schedule. Please see website for days and times. thanks for your patience everyone. Bill Myers
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      Hap Baker Firearms Facility Update:

      it looks like hap is going to be closed again this weekend. This project has snowballed ( pardon the pun) in to one delay after another. Sorry for the inconvenience. we just need to make sure its safe when all is said and done. Please check the hap baker website for any future updates...
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      Hap Baker Firearms Facility Update:

      it just until the 26th. we intend to be open on the 27th
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