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    1. HoCoAR

      Costco Firman 3200W / 4000W Peak Dual Fuel Inverter Generator $600 + tax

      Picked one up on day one of the sale. Thanks! Have yet to test it because I have no place to store it other than inside the house. I have no specific purpose to use it anytime soon other than remote camping.
    2. HoCoAR

      Lee App mini review

      There are 2 sizes for the feed plate. If you have the wide one, 223 brass will fall over. Pic for figure 1 … small hole had metal bush insert.
    3. HoCoAR

      Can We Talk About Tolls In Maryland?

      Pay by plate adds up.
    4. HoCoAR

      What prep items did you get recently?

      When the CCP started 30 day, then 60 day mandatory quarantines in January over the Wuhan virus I started asking others ... ‘If you had to go straight home and stay home for a month or two, would you have enough food and supplies to last? Just think about it’ Last week after the panic had...
    5. HoCoAR

      Random- do police reports redact witnesses

      My full name and home address was listed on MD Judiciary Case Search as a witness to an auto accident recorded by a MD Trooper. Contact the courthouse and have them look up that case number. My understanding is MD is an open book so your privacy is disregarded. My address was redacted upon...
    6. HoCoAR

      Considering movign to WV

      Dark skies and small observatory would be nice.
    7. HoCoAR

      Bank Of America caves

      Link to your promo? Make sure you call into BoA to tell them to close the account when all is said and done.
    8. HoCoAR

      Bank Of America caves

      After 35 years with the same checking account I am closing my BOoA checking account. Anne Finucane, a vice chairman at Bank of America Asked about gun shops? “That IS a ways off”
    9. HoCoAR

      Ruger Precision Rimfire

      What would you feed it, suppressed and not, up to 200 yards?
    10. HoCoAR

      HC's Stupidity is Baffling

      And this is why I hope she keeps speaking ... and speaking often.
    11. HoCoAR

      Talk To A Cop

      ... and thank him/her.
    12. HoCoAR

      Recent Meeting with AACo. PD re: LGOC

      Yes, I know. Was thinking in terms of taking even smaller steps.
    13. HoCoAR

      Recent Meeting with AACo. PD re: LGOC

      Lake front in Columbia ... 4th of July ... just down a ways not too close from the HC Democrat Party voter registration table ... a table, not a protest, with personal safety training availability lists, MD firearms law informational pamphlets with 'no felons or criminals allowed' on front, four...
    14. HoCoAR

      If I had to

      Think about what ... being the criminal or being the deceased victim?
    15. HoCoAR

      Former NRA president Charlton Heston to get US Post Office stamp

      Former NRA president Charlton Heston to get US Post Office stamp Charlton Heston Forever® Stamp Slated for April Release
    16. HoCoAR

      Amish the target of a drive-by shooting

      busted ... Man Charged In Amish Buggy Drive-By Shooting Horse was killed by single bullet fired on Pennsylvania roadway
    17. HoCoAR


      Your first post to this thread said ... I have signed for thousands of UPS packages in my life and I have always used my real name. Does Jane Doe sign for other deliveries?
    18. HoCoAR


      ^this I stopped worrying about and chasing packages delivered to me when I wasn't there. Started using UPS Choice after seeing news reports with security videos of package theft. UPS Choice -Deliver to a UPS...
    19. HoCoAR

      Roscoe Bartlett - The Congressman Who Went Off the Grid

      Roscoe Bartlett - The Congressman Who Went Off the Grid I always liked him.
    20. HoCoAR

      Dead Buck Story

      Ouch! Makes one wonder ... what kind of karma came his way.
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