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    1. Roksfr

      Goodness Who Knew?

      LWRCi, It is ambidextrous out of the box, it is nickel boron coated where is matters, I liked the fluted barrel here in the PROMD, QC and manufacturing are top notch, and that they are based on Maryland's Eastern Shore.
    2. Roksfr


      Have him memorize and repeat the 4 primary rules, say them while you are driving to the range Find a local club, or instructor and pay for some basic training. Even as an experienced shooter there are things that a professional...
    3. Roksfr

      Boot recommendations?

      Red Wing makes several great options, but they are a premium priced item. I have a some for work, that take a beating not sure how they would be for hiking. I also like my Keens, RW used to sell a hiker made by Vasque they were very durable and comfortable.
    4. Ruger p90 .45 APC

      For sale Ruger p90 .45 APC

      Well cared for Ruger P90 in 45 APC. Comes with 4 magazines, Hogue grips (originals included in sale) 1791 magazine holsters. Ambidextrous safety/decocker. Very Good condition with less than 700 rounds through it. Thinning the herd or I would hang on to it myself. Would prefer transfer somewhere...
    5. Roksfr

      Tract Optics

      I have a couple of their scopes and have been very pleased with what they produce. The price point is very fair for what you get. I highly recommend them.
    6. Roksfr

      Deer Firearms '23 - What's your Gun of Choice

      My Henry X in 30-30, factory sights. Nice traditional set up in a modern package.
    7. Roksfr

      I need a flashlight

      I have always had great luck with Streamlight, use their Propolymer, when camping or working in out of the way places, their Bear trap is a favorite. Haven't used this particular light, but the brand makes great product. They have a lifetime warranty, and several products are made in the US.
    8. Roksfr

      Competition Pistol Choices

      I have been really impressed with my Canik Rival, especially for the price. I was skeptical at first, but after 1,000 rounds I have become a believer.
    9. Roksfr

      What optic are you using on your 9mm PCC?

      Swampfox Trihawk on my FN P90. Might be a little more accuracy than speed, but I love it.
    10. Roksfr

      Bringing multiple pistols the range?

      The pistol rugs in a tool bag (like Dewalt) are a great option. Condition 1 also has some reasonable options
    11. Roksfr

      Proper Contents of a Cleaning Kit for 9MM? Hearing Protection? Eye Ware?
    12. Roksfr

      Hearing Protection for W&C Class

      You can pick up a decent set of Walkers electronic for under $50, as mentioned above, this is the best option all around, you can hear when you need to. If you want to spend a few dollars more get the rechargeable set. Also as mentioned above, double up if you are shooting indoors.
    13. Roksfr

      Advice on a .380

      I am eagerly waiting for the 80x, but in the meantime Atlantic has some surplus Cheetahs
    14. Roksfr

      How do you fit all your cards in your wallet?

      I keep a small business card portfolio in my truck. It works great for cards that I need occasionally, out of state carry, membership clubs like BJ's and MSI etc. or the range cards for various places, when I cross a state line, I put the correct card in my wallet, or when I am going into the...
    15. Roksfr

      Canik Mete SFT PRO

      I've got a SFX Rival that I picked up for just over $600. It is a fantastic pistol. I've run at least 500 rounds through it, great trigger, and it just works great.
    16. Roksfr

      Shooting with a suppressor first time.

      Has anyone else tried the weld antisplatter in your can? I find this application intriguing.
    17. Roksfr

      Class on Feb 15th & Range the 18th

      Count me in
    18. Roksfr

      MSI volunteers: Gettysburg gun show, 28-29 Jan

      I can be there from 0900-1300 on Saturday
    19. Roksfr

      My first .22.....Don't Laugh!

      On the optic question, I was a die-hard Leupold guy, but now all of my rimfires have Tract Optics. Great glass for th3 $$
    20. Roksfr

      Place to get square tubing?

      Check out Posner Supply
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