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    1. Ghostrider1

      Old mre's

      That stuff’s been on the Stingray since Korea! This can expired in 1966!
    2. Ghostrider1

      SP5 Modifications for SBR?

      Finally found an option that is aesthetically acceptable. Jmac custom ST-6 skeletonized folding tube and 1913 end cap, YHM .5” x 1.25” riser, Battlelink minimalist stock. They make a fixed tube option if you don’t want a folder. Gets to just under 29.25 fully extended.
    3. Ghostrider1

      SP5 Modifications for SBR?

      Choate sells extra spacers for this, so theoretically one could just add spacers until the proper length is met, right?
    4. Ghostrider1

      SP5 Modifications for SBR?

      This stock has spacers you can add to get the length you need. Maintains the HK look that an AR stock kills.
    5. Ghostrider1

      The NWO

    6. Ghostrider1

      Rig Setups for Comp Shooting?

      What’s your mindset for it? Do you want to win the game, or use it as higher-stress training than punching paper on a static range?
    7. Ghostrider1

      ATF to declare that AR Pistols are AOW

      Don Jr. needs to hear about this. Iirc, there’s a photo of him with a braced AR pistol.
    8. Ghostrider1

      357 Sig super dead

      Hope this passes soon.
    9. Ghostrider1

      357 Sig super dead

      If it’s a federal agency, no, but I’ve heard FLEOA is trying to get that changed.
    10. Ghostrider1

      Antifa To March Alongside Pro-Gun In VA

      That might be one of the most tin foil hat articles I’ve ever read. That CSG4 exercise was last year, and what in the blue hell is “imminent domain”? I get being skeptical of government power, but this is insane, and may only serve to set off those who might be a little less stable in the...
    11. Ghostrider1

      "Red flags laws won't be abused"

      Okay. Say that order was valid. Dude then rents a Uhaul and runs over 100 people waiting to get into a Seahawks game, at least he didn’t shoot anyone. We already have laws to handle threats of imminent violence, ERPOs suck at that, on top of the due process concerns.
    12. Ghostrider1

      Why does an Assault Weapons ban not Require a Contitutional Amendment?

      The key clause is “subject to the jurisdiction thereof” SCOTUS has never ruled whether a person here illegally meets that requirement.
    13. Ghostrider1

      AWB Challenge Filed in Massachusetts

      The judge quoted Feinstein butchering Scalia’s opinion in Heller, not the decision itself. From Heller: It may be objected that if weapons that are most useful in military service—M-16 rifles and the like—may be banned, then the Second Amendment right is completely detached from the...
    14. Ghostrider1

      Awesome answer to b.s. question "why someone needs ar-15"

      We shouldn’t get defensive when an AR is described as a military weapon. Our answer should be, “So what?” If we cede that “military” weapons are inappropriate for civilians, that puts a lot of guns (all of them) on the chopping block.
    15. Ghostrider1

      NRA to appear at CNN town hall with Parkland students

      He should have taken their scripted question and then asked his own anyway. What would they do, cut his mic?
    16. Ghostrider1

      NRA to appear at CNN town hall with Parkland students

      I hope Dana brought her ass kickin’ boots.
    17. Ghostrider1

      NRA to appear at CNN town hall with Parkland students

      Jake Tapper RKO from outta nowhere!
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