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      Pistol in Car Dilemma

      Clearly the correct course of action is to light your house on fire which will force the intruder to come running out the front door and thus will become the aggressor.
    2. B

      Geissele parts 25% off at Primary Arms

      Fyi- I saw a facebook post by Primary Arms today that said all Geissele parts (triggers, rails, optic mounts etc) are 25% off through Sunday at midnight.
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      Anyone Have The New Galil ACE?

      I havent shot mine yet, but I can attest to the cover being VERY tight. With that said, I have seen a lot of people that will run a red dot on the gas tube rail. Im not sure if that is for proper placement of the sight or because it will hold zero better.
    4. B

      Dillon Gun Powder Thrower Hand Adjustment Screw & Knob

      Gents, Fyi- gearhog has an adjustment screw and knob for $7.99. I dont know if this is a great deal or not, but judging by how many have been ordered it seems to be. Just wanted to pass the word.
    5. B

      Finally A Grey D-Technik!

      They are such badass rifles! Nice score!
    6. B

      Sig Porn

      [/url][/IMG] My 226 and 228/229 build. Just gotta figure out anodizing or cerakote.
    7. B

      Palmetto State Armory KS 47

      Sorry to change directions, but has anyone tried using a upper on a psa lower? They sell 80% lowers that look the same at a glance and they sell a stripped upper that accepts ak mags. Looks like it may be an option for those who want to build and upper.
    8. B

      AR15 7.62x39mm

      Some people believe it is a grey area, but I feel it's pretty straight forward. The ar-15 shoots .223/5.56. If it shoots a different caliber its not really an ar-15 and thus you dont need to have an hbar. E.g. The m1a is banned, yet the polytech m1a clone is gtg. The polytech has a couple parts...
    9. B

      AOW questions

      I believe that it gets reclassified as an AOW because pistols, by the ATF's definition, are fired with one hand and a rifle has a stock. With a VFG, the pistol is now intended to be fired with both hands so by definition is not a pistol or rifle. As far as overall length, I am not sure. I am...
    10. B

      NY Times: Police do not have constitutional futy to protect

      Plz delete Nvm, old article. Doh!
    11. B

      Another $100 Giveaway

      Count me in!
    12. B

      Stealth Arms phantom jig

      Just a thought, why dont you 3 throw in together and buy one?
    13. B

      6.5 Grendel Y/N?

      I am between 6.5 grendel and 6.8spc ii, but I think I'm gonna go the 6.8 route only because it is going to be a hog gun and I dont need to shoot as far. Everything I have read has been positive about the 6.5 grendels. I vote go for it!
    14. B

      These Spectre 80% Glock Lowers...

      Yes they are fine to build yourself and do not require you to have your hql.
    15. B

      Need advice regarding my first AR purchase

      Nows its time to look at a reloading press! :D
    16. B

      Will a Magpul MOE M-LOK hand guard fit with sling swivels?

      From looking at mine, I believe you will be fine. It may not swivel as far back but it should still work.
    17. B

      Obama Targeting YOUR GUN RIGHTS After Christmas

      Apparently only one eye produces tears for him...
    18. B

      M1A/M14 Porn Thread

      I am so jealous...i WILL own one someday
    19. B

      Damn those 50 posts!

      As a lurker it seems like it will take forever to get 50, but it really doesnt, once you jump in a few threads....btw this is my fitting lol
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      Cabela's range bag $9.99 + Free Ship

      Thanks for the info, i grabbed 3
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