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    1. melbill2

      How Much Ammo Do You Need?

      Joined Ammo+ last June and have purchased a bunch of ammo from them. The Ammo+ membership is well worth the money.
    2. melbill2

      MD CCW Training Howard Co

      My wife and I trained with them in November of 2022. They are right next to the AGC and could not be more convenient to your location. IOTA Firearms and Security Training Academy 11410 Marriottsville Road, Bldg. #7 Marriottsville, Maryland 21104 Phone: 410-750-3278
    3. melbill2

      Best way to insulate handgun floor safe

      styrofoam will do it
    4. melbill2

      USPS lost my WC license? Urggggh

      I'm not sure our mail delivery person can read very well. We sometimes get no mail. Sometimes we get our neighbors entire delivery for that day. My wife and I were just approved for our W&C on 1/3 and 1/4. I just hope that our permits get delivered to our address. Wife received her W&C permit...
    5. melbill2

      Application Progress Tracking Thread

      ME: Submitted: 11/6/22 Accepted: 11/12/22 NICS: 12/20/22 Approved: 1/4/23 23HGP-1156XX In Hand: 1/9/23 Wife: Same as above except approved 1/3/23 23HGP-1151XX IN Hand: 1/7/23
    6. melbill2

      Application Progress Tracking Thread

      Wife and I Submitted 11/6 Accepted 11/12 Now we wait
    7. melbill2

      Wear and Carry Permit Application

      Thanks. 62 born in 1959.
    8. melbill2

      Wear and Carry Permit Application

      Thanks for the input.
    9. melbill2

      Wear and Carry Permit Application

      I'm taking the Wear and Carry course next weekend (11/5/22). I'm 62 about to turn 40. Approximately 39 or 40 years ago I was arrested for DUI. I received a PBJ so no conviction/record. My question is, will this affect my approval? I can't, in good conscience, answer no to having ever been...
    10. melbill2

      Tipton Best gun vise 69.99

      Bought one this morning.
    11. melbill2

      3250 rounds federal .22 $253 free shipping

      Thanks for the heads up. Bought a case with no CC problems.
    12. melbill2

      $36 Micro Dot Reflex Sight at

      Don't know why but I bought two.
    13. melbill2

      Beretta PX4 Storm .45 ACP

      I just bought a Beretta PX4 Storm in .45 ACP. I basically just used on-line reviews to make my decision (also Fox's Firearms in Colombia had an awesome deal ~$575.00 OTD). Any opinions? Also, as this is election time Frosh should be in prison.
    14. melbill2

      5.56 Sale @ Sportsman's Outdoor Warehouse

      Just bought 420 rnd. can of 62 gr for $ 157.95 + $14.99 Shipping.
    15. melbill2

      HQL Completely Online Training Exemption

      $58.00 total at FYI in Ellicott City + $50.00 to the MSP for a total of $108.00.
    16. melbill2

      HQL Completely Online Training Exemption

      Both my wife and myself received our HQL cards on 5/18. We applied on 5/9. Training exempt as we both own regulated firearms. No problems.
    17. melbill2

      Need advice

      Thanks again mtel. I'm going to try and get out of work early tomorrow and go to Duffy's. I imagine if I wait until Saturday, it'll be crazy.
    18. melbill2

      Need advice

      Thanks mtel. I wish I were more knowledgeable. As time is short, it's going to be an AK or an M1A.
    19. melbill2

      Need advice

      Yeah. I think I'll stear clear of the M&P at that price.
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