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      Survival PVC Pipe Cache

      Bury a saw blade on top of the pvc cap bagged up and sealed really good so you have a cutting tool there to use.
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      GOSAFE Act - Bans All Semi's and 10+ Mags - aka the GFY Act

      I hope they do it. Seriously. Only when it affects EVERY/Most every gun owner will there be forced change. Going after/banning items less frequently owned will not "rally the masses". Examples would be...bump stocks...pistol braces....80% frames.... This ban would affect MOST and that...
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      Everytown has an Assault Weapons poll.

      They are called everytown for gun safety, but it is misleading by name as it is about banning things. Kind of like it's misleading to call a dude with penis a woman.
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      SB1 (2023) - Criminal Law - Wearing, Carrying, or Transporting Firearms - Restrictions (Gun Safety Act of 2023)

      Have a peaceful million man march with an actual million people blocking all entrances to the mga and don't let them into the building to talk about this. This would be a message that they would have to hear. Other than something extreme like that it will fall on deaf ears. They only permit...
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      Padded buffer tubes ok? ATF Brace rule questions.

      I have posted many times on how a society can tell an authority to f off in a 1000% legit way without any ramifications that would come from it. . Nothing to do with being any type of billy guy. People think that telling them to f off is only done by a protest that will start a war or get you...
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      Padded buffer tubes ok? ATF Brace rule questions.

      Tell that to the 20 atf guys that will illegally kidnap you in the middle of the night after the unconstitutional rule/law is passed. In a just world, your 100 neighbors would not permit that to happen and the bad guys would leave with tail between legs. But, we don't like in that world. We...
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      Padded buffer tubes ok? ATF Brace rule questions.

      When will people tell the atf to f them self? asking for a friend.
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      2 Men Facing Weapons Charges after Car Crash in Millsboro.

      These guys should be homeless, but instead they are tik tok icons. Shows how far down society has gone.
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      Anyone have tools for DIY crown job?

      Not reading another dental thread.
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      120 homeless camps in DC...

      I don't blame the politicians for the mistakes of individuals. I do blame the politicians for taking my tax dollars to be used to enable those who make poor decisions.
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      Cheating instructors.

      Having to pay to exercise a right. Land of the ̶f̶r̶e̶e̶ fee!
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      Minimum Caliber for Concealed Carry in MD

      Talk about shooting the Sh!t.
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      Can you carry spouse’s gun with MD Wear & Carry?

      That's how I see it. No difference between storing it at a friends house or letting them shoot it or carry it. I mean, I can lend a gun to a friend to go shoot at the range today and tomorrow, but can I do it for the next 6 months..IMO, yes, It is still my gun. No transfer was made. Just...
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      Can you carry spouse’s gun with MD Wear & Carry?

      Can you store your gun in a friends safe?
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      MoCo passes ghost gun bill

      Listening to the other side oppose what you are actively doing is nothing more than a technicality that the tyrants use to keep us cool because "we have a voice that needs to be heard". It does not seem to change the outcome. If anything, I'm for an all weapons ban so at least we can turn the...
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      Get Home Bag

      How many people have ever gone 48 or 72 or 96 hours without eating anything? It's a cool skill to know how you function without food for days. IMO it's pretty empowering. People might want to test it out sometime.
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      Biden calls 9mm ‘high-caliber weapons,’ suggests banning them

      Make sure to put a cereal number and register any of your 80% weapons before the confiscation is scheduled.
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      SB387 "Public Safety - Untraceable Firearms" - The Ban on Private Firearm Making

      How did this work out for can'tada and asstralia? I remember when their governments were bullying them around quite a bit. But like things in history, HisStory can be re-written. That is why we have the internet instead of printed books. It is easier to change and erase than a shelf of...
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      Trying to be removed from this group

      I'd like to think this issue has been resolved at this time and we can get on with another thread like this with another random internet user. In the future, I'm not going to use my real name either.
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      Trying to be removed from this group

      We shall hang together Jeff G.! Welcome to the internet.
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